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BNY Mellon ADR Index is the only index to track all Depositary Receipts traded on The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NYSE Amex and NASDAQ. BNY Mellon ADR Index is calculated on a continuous basis throughout the trading day. BNY Mellon ADR Indices are capitalization-weighted and adjusted for free-float utilizing Dow Jones' current methodology. In addition to the Bank's Composite Index, there are 3 regional indices (Europe, Asia and Latin America), 4 market indices (Developed, Emerging, Euroland and Telebras), 3 sector indices (European Telecom, Latin Telecom and European Oil and Gas), 15 select indices (International 100, Europe 100, Developed Markets 100, Asia 50, Emerging Markets 50, Latin America 35, International Telecom 35, BRIC Select, China Select, Small Cap Select, Euro-Pacific Select, Lat Am Balanced and China "Xià Yī Dài") and 36 country indices.

For more information on BNY Mellon ADR indices, please contact Cheryl Workman at 212 815 2732, Huong (Holly) Lai at 212 815 3967 or Robert Verhelle at 212 815 2161.

Advantages of BNY Mellon ADR IndexSM

U.S. Stock Exchange-Listed Depositary Receipts
BNY Mellon ADR Index contains all U.S. stock exchange-listed Depositary Receipts, including those issued by many of the world's premier companies. This distinct group of companies provides the transparency, disclosure and liquidity that U.S. investors desire. With few exceptions, U.S. stock exchange-listed Depositary Receipts are subject to SEC registration, disclosure and reporting requirements under The Securities Act of 1933 and The Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Market Capitalization Weighted
BNY Mellon ADR Index is capitalization-weighted, using an index formula based upon the aggregate of price times share quantities. The number of shares used in the Index calculation generally represents the entire class(es) or series of shares that trade in the local market and also trade in the form of Depositary Receipts in the United States. Dow Jones & Company, Inc.'s then-current free-float adjusted market capitalization methodology is employed. These are adjusted by the ADR conversion ratio and the result is multiplied by the last sale price as reported on the NYSE, NYSE Amex or NASDAQ.

Index Adjustments and Rebalancing
To ensure the accuracy and integrity of BNY Mellon ADR Index, issued share capital adjustments greater than ten percent are made prior to the opening of trading on the effective date. Constituent additions are made on a quarterly basis. Deletions to the Index are made upon the effective delisting date or sooner. Share capital changes of less than or equal to ten percent are made on a quarterly basis after the third Friday of the months of March, June, September and December. On a quarterly basis, ordinarily after the third Friday of the months of March, June, September and December, the free-float shares of all the companies in the Index will be updated by the Calculation Agent.

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