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This list represents BNY Mellon sponsored DR programs that were terminated beginning Jan 2011 to present.

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DR Issue Symbol CUSIP Capital Raised DR Exchange Ratio DR:Ord Country Industry Region Dep. Bank S/U Term. Date Term. Notice
 Acino ACIOY 004521100  No OTC 10:1 Switzerland Pharma. & Biotech. Continental Europe BK U Jul 10, 2015
 Day Software DYIHY 23954P102  No OTCQX 5:1 Switzerland Software&ComputerSvc Continental Europe BK S May 17, 2011
 Nobel Biocare NBHGY 65488C107  No OTC 2:1 Switzerland HealthCareEquip.&Ser Continental Europe BK, CIT, DB, JPMC U Jul 07, 2015
 Petroplus Holding PEPFY 716746102  No OTC 2:1 Switzerland Oil & Gas Producers Continental Europe BK, CIT, DB U Nov 24, 2015
 SCOR Holding (Switzerland) SCRJY 80918K108  No OTC 2:1 Switzerland Nonlife Insurance Continental Europe BK S Apr 20, 2015
 Temenos TMNSY 87974R109  No OTC 1:1 Switzerland Software&ComputerSvc Continental Europe BK U Apr 22, 2013

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