DR Basics

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Depositary Receipts, also known as DRs, ADRs and GDRs, play an essential role in the global marketplace. Since the 1920's, investors, companies and traders have used Depositary Receipts to meet their global investing needs. DRs: The Basics & Benefits guides you through the advantages of Depositary Receipts and the various types of Depositary Receipt programs.

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DR Glossary provides definitions of Depositary Receipt and market terminology that will help you navigate through our site.

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Depositary Receipts are negotiable U.S. securities that generally represent a non-U.S. company's publicly traded equity. DRs trade just like any U.S. security, alleviating certain obstacles associated with investing directly in the home markets of non-U.S. companies. Find out more about how to invest in depositary receipts.

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DR issuers around the world have made BNY Mellon the leading depositary bank, with a market share of 58%, for one main reason: we add value to their DR programs. In fact, nearly every company that has switched its DR program to us has experienced greater trading activity and DRs outstanding after the move. We help clients achieve such successful results through specialized strategic services.

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