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This list represents BNY Mellon sponsored DR programs that were terminated beginning Jan 2009 to present.

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DR Issue Symbol CUSIP Capital Raised DR Exchange Ratio DR:Ord Country Industry Region Dep. Bank S/U Term. Date Term. Notice
 Atlantic Caspian Resources ALCRY 048277107  No OTC 1000:1 United Kingdom OilEquip.,Serv.&Dist United Kingdom & Ireland BK S Sep 21, 2009
 Naftokhimik Prykarpattya Refinery - Reg. S -- 629720103  No None 1:1 Ukraine OilEquip.,Serv.&Dist Central & Eastern Europe BK S Jan 19, 2009
 Petrogulf Resources PRLOTC 716494208  No OTC 1:1 Australia OilEquip.,Serv.&Dist Australia & New Zealand BK U Jan 28, 2009
 Seadrill SDRLY 811727106  No OTC 1:2 Norway OilEquip.,Serv.&Dist Continental Europe BK, DB U Apr 29, 2010 Not Avail.
 SinoTech Energy CTES 829359108  Yes OTC 1:2 China OilEquip.,Serv.&Dist North Asia BK S Aug 31, 2012

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