Depositary Service Fee Info

Listed below are DR Programs whose deposit agreements permit a Depositary Service Fee ("DSF"). BNY Mellon may assess a DSF pursuant to the terms of the deposit agreement and the Receipt (for additional information regarding the DSF clause, please refer to the Issuer’s deposit agreement). At least thirty (30) days prior notice of a record date for the assessment of the DSF will be given to DTCC, Euroclear, Clearstream or any other Central Securities Depository ("CSD") where the DRs may be safekept. The CSD will collect the DSF from their participants based upon the record date position.

BNY Mellon collects fees from DR holders pursuant to the terms and conditions of the DRs and the deposit agreement under which they are issued. From time to time, BNY Mellon may make payments to the issuer to reimburse and / or share revenue from the fees collected from DR holders, or waive fees and expenses to the issuer for services provided, generally relating to costs and expenses arising out of establishment and maintenance of the DR program. BNY Mellon may also transact with affiliated brokers and dealers.

1-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
361 Degrees International 885577106 US8855771064 Hong Kong
3i Group 88579N105 US88579N1054 United Kingdom
88 Energy 282546100 US2825461005 Australia
A.G. Barr 001079102 US0010791020 United Kingdom
A.P. Moller - Maersk 00202F102 US00202F1021 Denmark
A2A 002482107 US0024821078 Italy
AAC Technologies 000304105 US0003041052 China
Aalberts Industries 00253T100 US00253T1007 Netherlands
Aareal Bank 00254K108 US00254K1088 Germany
AarhusKarlshamn 00254N102 US00254N1028 Sweden
AB InBev 03524A108 US03524A1088 Belgium
Abcam 000380105 US0003801059 United Kingdom
Abengoa - Class A 00289R102 US00289R1023 Spain
Abertis Infraestructuras 003381100 US0033811003 Spain
Aboitiz Equity Ventures 003725306 US0037253061 Philippines
Aboitiz Power 003730108 US0037301084 Philippines
Acacia Mining 00400X103 US00400X1037 United Kingdom
Access Bank - Reg. S 00433P101 US00433P1012 Nigeria
Accor S.A. 00435F309 US00435F3091 France
Acerinox 00444E103 US00444E1038 Spain
Ackermans & van Haaren 004563102 US0045631027 Belgium
Acom 004845202 US0048452025 Japan
ACS Activ de Construc y Servicios 00089H106 US00089H1068 Spain
Actelion 00507G102 US00507G1022 Switzerland
Active Biotech 00508J105 US00508J1051 Sweden
Adaro 00652F107 US00652F1075 Indonesia
Adecco 006754204 US0067542045 Switzerland
Adelaide Brighton 00678V102 US00678V1026 Australia
Admiral 007192107 US0071921078 United Kingdom
Admiralty Resources 00723U208 US00723U2087 Australia
Adocia 00725J102 US00725J1025 France
Advanced Accelerator Applications 00790T100 US00790T1007 France
ADVFN 00100Y104 US00100Y1047 United Kingdom
Aeon 007627102 US0076271024 Japan
Aerocrine 007750102 US0077501023 Sweden
AES Tiete - Com 00808P207 US00808P2074 Brazil
AES Tiete - Pref 00808P108 US00808P1084 Brazil
AES Tiete Energia - 144A 00809V104 US00809V1044 Brazil
AES Tiete Energia - Reg. S 00809V203 US00809V2034 Brazil
AFI Development - 144A - Class A 00106J101 US00106J1016 Russia
AFI Development - Reg. S - Class A 00106J200 US00106J2006 Russia
African Bank Investments 00828W109 US00828W1099 South Africa
African Oxygen Limited 00830X103 US00830X1037 South Africa
Afriland Properties - 144A 008298101 US0082981012 Nigeria
Afriland Properties - Reg. S 008298200 US0082982002 Nigeria
Agenix 00845M209 US00845M2098 Australia
Agfa-Gevaert 00846M109 US00846M1099 Belgium
Agile Property 00848C109 US00848C1099 China
AGL Energy 001201102 US0012011021 Australia
Agria 00850H103 US00850H1032 China
Agricultural Bank of China 00850M102 US00850M1027 China
Agroton 00855P209 US00855P2092 Ukraine
Agroton - 144A 00855P100 US00855P1003 Ukraine
AIA 001317205 US0013172053 Hong Kong
Aida Engineering 008712200 US0087122000 Japan
Aiful 00873N103 US00873N1037 Japan
Ainsworth Game Technology 009023102 US0090231020 Australia
Air Liquide 009126202 US0091262024 France
Air New Zealand 009136102 US0091361024 New Zealand
Airbus 009279100 US0092791005 Netherlands
Airports of Thailand 00950R100 US00950R1005 Thailand
Aisin 00956Q106 US00956Q1067 Japan
Aixtron 009606104 US0096061041 Germany
Ajinomoto 009707100 US0097071007 Japan
Akastor 00973L106 US00973L1061 Norway
Akebono Brake 00972E103 US00972E1038 Japan
AKR Corporindo 69369P104 US69369P1049 Indonesia
Al Noor Hospitals Group 01021D104 US01021D1046 United Arab Emirates
Alchemia 01374K101 US01374K1016 Australia
Alcyone Resources 01407V108 US01407V1089 Australia
Alexium International 015381106 US0153811064 Australia
Alfa Laval 015393101 US0153931011 Sweden
Alfresa 015509102 US0155091020 Japan
Algae.Tec 01551V102 US01551V1026 Australia
Alior Bank 016279101 US0162791018 Poland
Alkane Resources 01642W101 US01642W1018 Australia
Alliance Global Group 01861B101 US01861B1017 Philippines
Allied Electronics 019146109 US0191461096 South Africa
Allied Group 01923H104 US01923H1041 Hong Kong
Alon Blue Square Israel 02051Q205 US02051Q2057 Israel
Alps Electric 021090204 US0210902047 Japan
ALS 00169R107 US00169R1077 Australia
Alstom 021244207 US0212442075 France
Altri 02209Y100 US02209Y1001 Portugal
Alumina 022205108 US0222051080 Australia
Aluminum Corporation of China 022276109 US0222761092 China
Amada 022631204 US0226312041 Japan
Amadeus IT 02263T104 US02263T1043 Spain
AMAG Austria Metall 022656102 US0226561027 Austria
AMBEV S.A 02319V103 US02319V1035 Brazil
Amlin 03165W104 US03165W1045 United Kingdom
Amplifon 032112104 US0321121040 Italy
Amtek Auto - Reg. S 03233Q105 US03233Q1058 India
Anadolu Efes 032523201 US0325232017 Turkey
Anadolu Efes Bira - 144A 032523102 US0325231027 Turkey
Andes Energia 034196204 US0341962043 Argentina
Andritz 034522102 US0345221024 Austria
Aneka Tambang 69366C106 US69366C1062 Indonesia
Angang Steel 03462W104 US03462W1045 China
ANGLE 03476V100 US03476V1008 United Kingdom
Anglo American 03485P300 US03485P3001 United Kingdom
Anglo American Platinum 03486T103 US03486T1034 South Africa
AngloGold Ashanti 035128206 US0351282068 South Africa
AngloGold Ashanti - 144A 035128305 US0351283058 South Africa
Anhui Conch Cement 035243104 US0352431045 China
Anhui Expressway 035247105 US0352471058 China
Anite 035281104 US0352811048 United Kingdom
Anritsu 036335107 US0363351075 Japan
Ansaldo 036336105 US0363361058 Italy
Ansell 03634M208 US03634M2089 Australia
Anta Sports 03662P107 US03662P1075 China
Anthousa - 144A 03702N203 US03702N2036 Ukraine
Anthousa - Reg. S 03702N104 US03702N1046 Ukraine
Antisense Therapeutics 037183100 US0371831001 Australia
Anton Oilfield Services 037193109 US0371931090 China
AO World 00185D108 US00185D1081 United Kingdom
Aozora Bank 037400108 US0374001081 Japan
APN News & Media 00203U108 US00203U1088 Australia
Apollo Hospitals - 144A 037608106 US0376081065 India
Apollo Hospitals - Reg. S 037608205 US0376082055 India
April 03834E105 US03834E1055 France
ARCA CONTINENTAL 03879F108 US03879F1084 México
Arcelik 03937X109 US03937X1090 Turkey
AREVA 04012G102 US04012G1022 France
Arkema 041232109 US0412321095 France
Armor Designs - Reg. S 04225T107 US04225T1079 United States
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore 042616102 US0426161024 Italy
Arrium Limited 04270T101 US04270T1016 Australia
ARYZTA 04338X102 US04338X1028 Switzerland
Asahi Glass 043393206 US0433932060 Japan
Asahi Kasei 043400100 US0434001006 Japan
Ascendas Hospitality 04351M108 US04351M1080 Singapore
Ascendas India Trust 043508100 US0435081007 Singapore
Ascendis Pharma 04351P101 US04351P1012 Denmark
Ascom 04363V104 US04363V1044 Switzerland
Ashtead Group 045055100 US0450551009 United Kingdom
Asia Cement China 04520L106 US04520L1061 China
Asian Terminals 04521L105 US04521L1052 Philippines
ASICS 04521N101 US04521N1019 Japan
ASM Pacific Technology 00212G108 US00212G1085 Hong Kong
ASOS 00212V105 US00212V1052 United Kingdom
Aspen Pharmacare 04530Y106 US04530Y1064 South Africa
Assa Abloy 045387107 US0453871073 Sweden
Asseco Poland 04539A406 US04539A4067 Poland
Assicurazioni Generali 04545K109 US04545K1097 Italy
Associated British Foods 045519402 US0455194029 United Kingdom
Assore 04608P102 US04608P1021 South Africa
Astaldi 04624L101 US04624L1017 Italy
Astana Finance - Reg. S 46630H301 US46630H3012 Kazakhstan
Astellas Pharma 04623U102 US04623U1025 Japan
Astra Agro Lestari 046301107 US0463011074 Indonesia
Astra International 69367X109 US69367X1090 Indonesia
Astral Foods 04634U109 US04634U1097 South Africa
ASX 00212E103 US00212E1038 Australia
ATF Bank - Reg. S 046820106 US0468201068 Kazakhstan
Atlantia 048173108 US0481731083 Italy
Atlantic Coal 048394100 US0483941003 United Kingdom
Atlas Consolidated Mining 049249402 US0492494028 Philippines
Atlas Iron 04934P107 US04934P1075 Australia
Atos Origin 04962A105 US04962A1051 France
Audio Pixels 05072T108 US05072T1088 Australia
Aurizon Holdings 05156W100 US05156W1009 Australia
Aurora Oil & Gas 052040102 US0520401029 Australia
Aurubis 05207U103 US05207U1034 Germany
Austal 05211M105 US05211M1053 Australia
AusTex Oil 052179108 US0521791089 Australia
Austin Exploration 05222T206 US05222T2069 Australia
Australian Vintage 05258U101 US05258U1016 Australia
Autogrill 05277X102 US05277X1028 Italy
Autostrada Torino-Milano 05334E105 US05334E1055 Italy
AvangardCo Investments 05349V308 US05349V3087 Ukraine
AvangardCo Investments - Reg. S 05349V209 US05349V2097 Ukraine
Aveng 05355Q102 US05355Q1022 South Africa
AVI 05365W107 US05365W1071 South Africa
Avianca Holdings S.A. 05367G100 US05367G1004 Colombia
AviChina Industry & Technology 05367J104 US05367J1043 China
Avita Medical 053792107 US0537921076 Australia
Avocet Mining 05389T106 US05389T1060 United Kingdom
Avtokraz - Reg. S 05452Y107 US05452Y1073 Ukraine
Avtovaz - Reg. S 05453R101 US05453R1014 Russia
AXA 054536107 US0545361075 France
Axel Springer 008184103 US0081841035 Germany
Axfood 05459X102 US05459X1028 Sweden
Axis Bank - 144A 05462W307 US05462W3079 India
Axis Bank - Reg. S 05462W109 US05462W1099 India
Axtel - 144A 05461Y106 US05461Y1064 México
Axtel - Reg. S 05461Y205 US05461Y2054 México
Ayala 054636303 US0546363039 Philippines
Ayala Land 054638200 US0546382005 Philippines
Aygaz 054719109 US0547191090 Turkey
Azimut 05477Q105 US05477Q1058 Italy
Azot - Reg. S 05480R108 US05480R1086 Ukraine
Azrieli Group 05481P101 US05481P1012 Israel
B2 Gold - NDR 11777Q506 US11777Q5062 Canada
B2W - Companhia Digital - 144A 11777V109 US11777V1098 Brazil
B2W - Companhia Digital - Reg. S 11777V208 US11777V2088 Brazil
Babcock International 056155104 US0561551047 United Kingdom
Bahamas Petroleum 056742109 US0567421096 Isle of Man
BAIC Motor Corporation 05526U107 US05526U1079 China
Baidu 056752108 US0567521085 China
Bakrieland Development 69368X108 US69368X1081 Indonesia
Baloise 058779109 US0587791098 Switzerland
Banca Carige 05955S102 US05955S1024 Italy
Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena 05951A303 US05951A3032 Italy
Banca Popolare di Milano 059483107 US0594831077 Italy
Banco BPI SA 05951B103 US05951B1035 Portugal
Banco Bradesco 059460303 US0594603039 Brazil
Banco Bradesco - Com 059460402 US0594604029 Brazil
Banco Comercial Portugues 059479709 US0594797096 Portugal
Banco Daycoval 059502104 US0595021041 Brazil
Banco de Sabadell 059568105 US0595681059 Spain
Banco do Brasil 059578104 US0595781040 Brazil
Banco Espirito Santo 059584102 US0595841026 Portugal
Banco Patagonia 05965T504 US05965T5048 Argentina
Banco Patagonia - 144A 05965T108 US05965T1088 Argentina
Banco Patagonia - Reg. S 05965T207 US05965T2078 Argentina
Banco Popolare Societa Cooperativa 059633206 US0596332066 Italy
Banco Popular Espanol 05968U102 US05968U1025 Spain
Banco Santander Brasil 05967A107 US05967A1079 Brazil
Banco Santander Chile 05965X109 US05965X1090 Chile
Bang & Olufsen 059889105 US0598891051 Denmark
Bangkok Bank 059893107 US0598931071 Thailand
Bangkok Dusit Medical Services 05989Q106 US05989Q1067 Thailand
Bangkok Life Assurance 05989P108 US05989P1084 Thailand
Bank Asya 046494100 US0464941006 Turkey
Bank Central Asia 69368G105 US69368G1058 Indonesia
Bank Hapoalim 062510300 US0625103009 Israel
Bank Mandiri 69367U105 US69367U1051 Indonesia
Bank Negara Indonesia 74441M103 US74441M1036 Indonesia
Bank of Ayudhya 060608106 US0606081067 Thailand
Bank of China 06426M104 US06426M1045 China
Bank of Communications 061605101 US0616051019 China
Bank of Cyprus 06422B300 US06422B3006 Cyprus
Bank of Queensland 064525108 US0645251085 Australia
Bank of the Philippine Islands-BPI 064428105 US0644281059 Philippines
Bank of Yokohama 066011206 US0660112063 Japan
Bank Rakyat 69366X100 US69366X1000 Indonesia
Bank Tabungan Negara 69369Q102 US69369Q1022 Indonesia
Bank Zachodni 066042102 US0660421027 Poland
Bankia 066449109 US0664491091 Spain
BankMuscat - 144A 063746101 US0637461015 Oman
BankMuscat - Reg. S 063746200 US0637462005 Oman
Banpu Public 06670N105 US06670N1054 Thailand
Banyan Tree 06683Q103 US06683Q1031 Singapore
Barclays Bank - Series 1 - Pref 06738C828 US06738C8284 United Kingdom
Barclays Bank - Series 2 - Pref 06739F390 US06739F3901 United Kingdom
Barclays Bank - Series 3 - Pref 06739H776 US06739H7769 United Kingdom
Barclays Bank - Series 4 - Pref 06739H511 US06739H5110 United Kingdom
Barclays Bank - Series 5 - Pref 06739H362 US06739H3628 United Kingdom
Barco 06740E101 US06740E1010 Belgium
Barloworld 067680207 US0676802079 South Africa
Barratt Developments 068334101 US0683341012 United Kingdom
Bayer 072730302 US0727303028 Germany
Bayerische Motoren Werke 072743206 US0727432066 Germany
BBA Aviation 05530H100 US05530H1005 United Kingdom
BBMG 05528L105 US05528L1052 China
BBVA Banco Frances 07329M100 US07329M1009 Argentina
Beach Energy 073333106 US0733331062 Australia
Beazley 07556T109 US07556T1097 Ireland
BEC World 05541A102 US05541A1025 Thailand
Bega Cheese 077182103 US0771821032 Australia
Beiersdorf 07724U103 US07724U1034 Germany
Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech 077251106 US0772511061 China
Beijing Capital International Airpo 07725U102 US07725U1025 China
Beijing Enterprises 07725Q200 US07725Q2003 Hong Kong
Beijing Enterprises Water 07725V100 US07725V1008 Hong Kong
Bekaert 62943Y105 US62943Y1055 Belgium
Belle 078333101 US0783331012 Philippines
Belle International 078454105 US0784541056 China
Belluna 07986W102 US07986W1027 Japan
Bellway 079890109 US0798901098 United Kingdom
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank 081676108 US0816761086 Australia
Benesse Holdings 081794109 US0817941091 Japan
Benitec Biopharma 082053307 US0820533075 Australia
Berendsen 083678102 US0836781023 United Kingdom
Berkeley Group 08425P104 US08425P1049 United Kingdom
Berli Jucker 084752104 US0847521046 Thailand
Beximco Pharmaceuticals - Reg. S 088579206 US0885792061 Bangladesh
Bezeq Israel Telecom 08861Q103 US08861Q1031 Israel
BHF Kleinwort Benson - 144A 05548Q209 US05548Q2093 Belgium
BIC 088736103 US0887361030 France
Bidvest 088836309 US0888363092 South Africa
Big C Supercenter 089080105 US0890801055 Thailand
Bilfinger SE 09003Q100 US09003Q1004 Germany
Billabong International 090055203 US0900552037 Australia
BillerudKorsnas 09006V106 US09006V1061 Sweden
BinckBank 090321100 US0903211003 Netherlands
Bio-Light 09072W103 US09072W1036 Israel
BioGaia 09072J102 US09072J1025 Sweden
BioLineRX 09071M106 US09071M1062 Israel
BiondVax 09073Q105 US09073Q1058 Israel
Biosensors 09071Q107 US09071Q1076 Singapore
Biostime International 090688102 US0906881026 China
Biotest 090673104 US0906731049 Germany
Biotie 09074D103 US09074D1037 Finland
Blue Financial 09547U104 US09547U1043 South Africa
Blue Label Telecoms 095648101 US0956481016 South Africa
Bluescope Steel 09625Q207 US09625Q2075 Australia
Boart Longyear 096640107 US0966401079 Australia
Bodycote 09689Q101 US09689Q1013 United Kingdom
Bogdan Motors - Reg. S 05329A100 US05329A1007 Ukraine
Boliden 09752V102 US09752V1026 Sweden
Bolsas y Mercados Espanoles 097683106 US0976831067 Spain
Bone Medical 098078108 US0980781084 Australia
Booker Group 09856U109 US09856U1097 United Kingdom
Borneo Lumbung Energi & Metal 69365Y109 US69365Y1091 Indonesia
Borregaard 100019207 US1000192070 Norway
Boryszew 100092105 US1000921056 Poland
Bosideng International 10010U100 US10010U1007 China
Bouygues 102117108 US1021171087 France
Bovis Homes 102137106 US1021371067 United Kingdom
Bpost 05578W100 US05578W1009 Belgium
Bradken Limited 104497102 US1044971026 Australia
Braemar Shipping 10480Q100 US10480Q1004 United Kingdom
Brain Resource 10488A107 US10488A1079 Australia
BrasilAgro 10554B104 US10554B1044 Brazil
BRE Bank 05570T105 US05570T1051 Poland
Brenntag 107180101 US1071801013 Germany
Breville Group 107538100 US1075381004 Australia
BRF S.A. 10552T107 US10552T1079 Brazil
Bridgestone 108441205 US1084412055 Japan
Brilliance China Automotive 10949Q204 US10949Q2049 China
British Land 110828100 US1108281007 United Kingdom
Britvic 111190104 US1111901047 United Kingdom
Brother Industries 114813207 US1148132079 Japan
Brunello Cucinelli 11687Q109 US11687Q1094 Italy
BTA Bank - 144A 05574Y100 US05574Y1001 Kazakhstan
BTA Bank - Reg. S 05574Y209 US05574Y2090 Kazakhstan
BTG Pactual - Com - 144A 05890C105 US05890C1053 Brazil
BTG Pactual - Pref - 144A 05890C204 US05890C2044 Brazil
BTS Group 056005101 US0560051015 Thailand
Budimex 119011104 US1190111047 Poland
Bulgartabac - Reg. S 12015W107 US12015W1071 Bulgaria
Bumi Resources 69367Y107 US69367Y1073 Indonesia
Bumi Serpong Damai 69368Y106 US69368Y1064 Indonesia
Bumrungrad Hospital 12046T107 US12046T1079 Thailand
Burberry 12082W204 US12082W2044 United Kingdom
Burckhardt Compression 12083U108 US12083U1088 Switzerland
Buzzi Unicem 12429U101 US12429U1016 Italy
BW LPG 05605F104 US05605F1049 Singapore
Byblos Bank - Reg. S 12431A101 US12431A1016 Lebanon
BYD 05606L100 US05606L1008 China
BYD Electronic 124312109 US1243121092 China
Byggmax 124394107 US1243941077 Sweden
C C Land 12503H109 US12503H1095 China
C.P. Lotus 12623X109 US12623X1090 Hong Kong
Cabcharge Australia 12679U108 US12679U1088 Australia
Cable & Wireless Communications 12682P203 US12682P2039 United Kingdom
Cairn Energy 12776P200 US12776P2002 United Kingdom
CaixaBank 12803K109 US12803K1097 Spain
Caltex Australia 13137V100 US13137V1008 Australia
Can-Fite BioPharma 13471N102 US13471N1028 Israel
Cap Gemini 139098107 US1390981074 France
Capcom 13916V107 US13916V1070 Japan
Capita 13970R109 US13970R1095 United Kingdom
Capital & Counties Properties 14074B107 US14074B1070 United Kingdom
CapitaMalls Asia 14058C105 US14058C1053 Singapore
Capitec Bank 14056U107 US14056U1079 South Africa
Carbon Energy 14110P102 US14110P1021 Australia
Cargotec 14179X103 US14179X1037 Finland
Carillion 14214X100 US14214X1000 United Kingdom
Carl Zeiss Meditec 14218T105 US14218T1051 Germany
Carlos Casado 14253P109 US14253P1093 Argentina 14575D107 US14575D1072 Australia
Cashbuild 14756L100 US14756L1008 South Africa
Casio Computer 147618201 US1476182019 Japan
Castellum 148383201 US1483832010 Sweden
Cathay Financial - 144A 14915V106 US14915V1061 Taiwan
Cathay Financial - Reg. S 14915V205 US14915V2051 Taiwan
Caucasus Energy and Infrastructure - Reg. S 149484107 US1494841075 Georgia
Cavalier 14950H103 US14950H1032 New Zealand
CCC S.A. 12505G109 US12505G1094 Poland
CDL Hospitality 12508B107 US12508B1070 Singapore
Cebu Air 14985R100 US14985R1005 Philippines
Celesio 15100H109 US15100H1095 Germany
Cementos Argos 151260106 US1512601063 Colombia
Cementos Argos - 144A 151260205 US1512602053 Colombia
Cementos Argos - Reg. S 151260304 US1512603044 Colombia
Cencosud 15132H101 US15132H1014 Chile
Centerenergo - Reg. S 15633N102 US15633N1028 Ukraine
Centrais Elet. de Santa Catarina-Celesc 15234U604 US15234U6047 Brazil
Central Japan Rail 153766100 US1537661001 Japan
Central Pattana 154801104 US1548011048 Thailand
Central Petroleum 154854103 US1548541036 Australia
Century Properties 15666P107 US15666P1075 Philippines
CGN Power Co., 125353102 US1253531024 China
Challenger 15758Q104 US15758Q1040 Australia
Champion Technology 158675306 US1586753063 Hong Kong
Chandra Asri Petrochemical 69368N209 US69368N2099 Indonesia 15911M107 US15911M1071 China
Chaoda Modern Agriculture 15941T106 US15941T1060 China
Charles Voegele 160030102 US1600301022 Switzerland
Cheetah Mobile 163075104 US1630751048 China
Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant - 144A 163523103 US1635231038 Russia
Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant - Reg. S 163523202 US1635232028 Russia
Chemoil Energy 16383N102 US16383N1028 Singapore
Chemring Group 163867104 US1638671040 United Kingdom
Cheung Kong Infrastructure 16674T107 US16674T1079 Hong Kong
Chiba Bank 167071109 US1670711092 Japan
Chime Communications 16934V108 US16934V1089 United Kingdom
China Agri-Industries holding 168924108 US1689241081 China
China Banking 16891J106 US16891J1060 Philippines
China Bluechemical 16936K100 US16936K1007 China
China CITIC Bank 169389202 US1693892028 Hong Kong
China Coal Energy 16944G109 US16944G1094 China
China Communications Construction 168926103 US1689261030 China
China Communications Services 168922102 US1689221026 Hong Kong
China Construction Bank Corporation 168919108 US1689191088 China
China COSCO Holdings 168918100 US1689181006 China
China Dongxiang 16947S100 US16947S1006 China
China Everbright 168921104 US1689211043 China
China Everbright Bank 16891R108 US16891R1086 China
China Everbright International 16891Q100 US16891Q1004 Hong Kong
China Fishery 16890K104 US16890K1043 Hong Kong
China Foods 168916104 US1689161040 China
China Gas 168935104 US1689351047 Hong Kong
China High-Speed Transmission Equip 169416104 US1694161043 China
China Huiyuan Juice 16948N100 US16948N1000 China
China International Marine Containers 16947M103 US16947M1036 China
China Lilang 16952F100 US16952F1003 China
China Longyuan Power 16890R109 US16890R1095 China
China Lumena New Materials 16951Q107 US16951Q1076 Hong Kong
China Medical System 169461100 US1694611005 China
China Mengniu Dairy 169495108 US1694951088 China
China Merchants Bank 16950T102 US16950T1025 China
China Merchants Holdings 1694EN103 US1694EN1030 China
China Minsheng Banking 16949T106 US16949T1060 China
China Molybdenum 1694ER104 US1694ER1044 China
China National Building 16947K107 US16947K1079 China
China National Materials Company 16948E100 US16948E1001 China
China New Borun 16890T105 US16890T1051 China
China Oilfield Services 168909109 US1689091098 China
China Oriental Group 16948A108 US16948A1088 Hong Kong
China Overseas Grand Oceans 16952Q106 US16952Q1067 Hong Kong
China Overseas Land & Investment 169403201 US1694032012 China
China Pacific Insurance 16951T101 US16951T1016 China
China Power International 16945S102 US16945S1024 China
China Railway 16944S103 US16944S1033 China
China Railway Construction 16947L105 US16947L1052 China
China Resources Cement 16949M101 US16949M1018 Hong Kong
China Resources Gas 16951X102 US16951X1028 Hong Kong
China Resources Land 16942S105 US16942S1050 China
China Resources Power 16943S104 US16943S1042 China
China Rongsheng Heavy Industries 16951H107 US16951H1077 China
China Shanshui Cement 16951P109 US16951P1093 China
China Shenhua Energy 16942A302 US16942A3023 China
China Shineway Pharmaceutical 16947J100 US16947J1007 China
China Shipping Container Lines 16945H106 US16945H1068 China
China Southern Airlines 169409109 US1694091091 China
China State Construction 16948H103 US16948H1032 China
China Taiping Insurance 16948V102 US16948V1026 China
China Taisan Technology 749272100 US7492721003 China
China Techfaith Wireless Communication 169424108 US1694241084 China
China Vanadium Titano-Magnetite 16950D107 US16950D1072 China
China Vanke 16948J109 US16948J1097 China
China XLX Fertiliser 16949P104 US16949P1049 China
China Zenix Auto International 16951E104 US16951E1047 China
China ZhengTong Auto Services 16952D105 US16952D1054 China
China Zhongwang 16952H106 US16952H1068 China
ChinaCache 16950M107 US16950M1071 China
Chinese Estates 16948M102 US16948M1027 Hong Kong
Chiyoda 17025X102 US17025X1028 Japan
Chongqing Rural Commercial 17039V100 US17039V1008 China
Chorus 17040V107 US17040V1070 New Zealand
Chow Tai Fook Jewellery 17044P106 US17044P1066 Hong Kong
Chr. Hansen 12545M207 US12545M2070 Denmark
Christian Dior 170715106 US1707151064 France
Chugai Pharmaceutical 171269103 US1712691039 Japan
CIMIC Group 17186J108 US17186J1088 Australia
Cimpor-Cimentos de Portugal 17186C103 US17186C1036 Portugal
Cineworld 17248A103 US17248A1034 United Kingdom
Cipla - 144A 172977100 US1729771006 India
Cipla - Reg. S 172977209 US1729772095 India
CIR 17253F104 US17253F1049 Italy
CITIC 17304K102 US17304K1025 Hong Kong
CITIC Resources 17390E101 US17390E1010 China
CITIC Securities 17290L106 US17290L1061 China
Citizen Holdings 172989105 US1729891051 Japan
CitySpring Infrastructure 17878X100 US17878X1000 Singapore
CK Hutchison Holdings Limited 12562Y100 US12562Y1001 Hong Kong
Clariant 18047P101 US18047P1012 Switzerland
Clear Media 184671105 US1846711059 Hong Kong
Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals 188769103 US1887691038 Australia
Close Brothers 189062102 US1890621022 United Kingdom
Clover Industries Ltd. 18914J105 US18914J1051 South Africa
Clubhouse Group - Reg. S 18948D108 US18948D1081 Ukraine
CMB 204398101 US2043981016 Belgium
CNP Assurances 12620R105 US12620R1059 France
Cobham 19089R104 US19089R1041 United Kingdom
Coca-Cola Amatil 191085208 US1910852086 Australia
Coca-Cola West 191235100 US1912351004 Japan
Cochlear 191459205 US1914592050 Australia
CollPlant Holdings 19516Q109 US19516Q1094 Israel
Coloplast 19624Y101 US19624Y1010 Denmark
Colruyt 196850101 US1968501015 Belgium
ComfortDelGro 200385102 US2003851027 Singapore
Commercial International Bank (Egypt) 201712304 US2017123041 Egypt
Commercial International Bank (Egypt) - 144A 201712106 US2017121060 Egypt
Commercial International Bank (Egypt) - Reg. S 201712205 US2017122050 Egypt
Commerzbank 202597605 US2025976059 Germany
Commonwealth Bank of Australia 202712600 US2027126000 Australia
Commonwealth Bank of Australia - 144A 202712501 US2027125010 Australia
Comp. Paranaense de Energia-COPEL - Com 20441B308 US20441B3087 Brazil
Comp. Paranaense de Energia-COPEL - Pref 20441B407 US20441B4077 Brazil
Compagnie de Saint-Gobain 204280309 US2042803096 France
Compagnie Financiere Richemont 204319107 US2043191079 Switzerland
CompuGroup Medical 20481P100 US20481P1003 Germany
Computacenter 204827109 US2048271090 United Kingdom
Concern Galnaftogaz - Reg. S 20601L104 US20601L1044 Ukraine
Connect Group 207527102 US2075271021 United Kingdom
Contact Energy 21073R108 US21073R1086 New Zealand
Continental Coal 211214200 US2112142003 Australia
Controladora Vuela Compania de Aviacion S.A.B. de C.V. - Volaris 21240E105 US21240E1055 México
Coolpad 216483107 US2164831073 China
Copasa - 144A 20441H107 US20441H1077 Brazil
Copasa - Reg. S 20441H206 US20441H2067 Brazil
Copperbelt Energy Corp 217622109 US2176221099 Zambia
Corbion 218333102 US2183331022 Netherlands
Corporacion Financiera Colombiana 219869302 US2198693028 Colombia
Corporacion Financiera Colombiana - 144A 219869104 US2198691048 Colombia
Cosco Pacific 22112B104 US22112B1044 China
Country Garden 22234X109 US22234X1090 China
Countrywide 22240Q106 US22240Q1067 United Kingdom
Covata 22282N102 US22282N1028 Australia
Cox & Kings - Reg. S 223899105 US2238991051 India
CP ALL 12623Y107 US12623Y1073 Thailand
CPP 12621W103 US12621W1036 United Kingdom
CR2 Empreendimentos Imobiliarios 12630C106 US12630C1062 Brazil
Cranswick 224594101 US2245941016 United Kingdom
Creativ Group - Reg. S 22526U102 US22526U1025 Ukraine
Creative Technology 22529X103 US22529X1037 Singapore
Credit Agricole 225313105 US2253131054 France
Crest Nicholson 226077105 US2260771058 United Kingdom
Crimean Soda Plant - Reg. S 226616100 US2266161007 Ukraine
Criteo 226718104 US2267181046 France
Croatian Land Holdings - Reg. S 22677L109 US22677L1098 Malta
Croda 227047107 US2270471079 United Kingdom
Crown Resorts 228567103 US2285671036 Australia
CSE Global 12633T106 US12633T1060 Singapore
CSL 12637N204 US12637N2045 Australia
CSR 126396407 US1263964074 Australia
CSU Cardsystem - 144A 126403104 US1264031048 Brazil
CSU Cardsystem - Reg. S 126403203 US1264032038 Brazil International 22943F100 US22943F1003 China
CTS Eventim 12650W107 US12650W1071 Germany
CTT - Correios de Portugal 12650X105 US12650X1054 Portugal
Cue Energy Resources 229789102 US2297891028 Australia
CyberAgent 23248D105 US23248D1054 Japan
Cyfrowy Polsat 232554105 US2325541058 Poland
Cyrela Brazil Realty - 144A 23282C104 US23282C1045 Brazil
Cyrela Brazil Realty - Com 23282C401 US23282C4015 Brazil
Cyrela Brazil Realty - Reg. S 23282C203 US23282C2035 Brazil
Cyrela Commercial Properties 23283A305 US23283A3059 Brazil
Cyrela Commercial Prprts - 144A 23283A107 US23283A1079 Brazil
Cyrela Commercial Prpts - Reg. S 23283A206 US23283A2069 Brazil
D&L Industries 23340X108 US23340X1081 Philippines
D'Ieteren 78386A107 US78386A1079 Belgium
Dah Chong Hong 23376Y103 US23376Y1038 Hong Kong
Dah Sing Financial 23376M109 US23376M1099 Hong Kong
Dai Nippon Printing 233806306 US2338063066 Japan
Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co 23380Y107 US23380Y1073 Japan
Daibiru 233920107 US2339201079 Japan
Daihatsu Motor 23381A108 US23381A1088 Japan
Daikin Industries 23381B106 US23381B1061 Japan
Dairy Crest Group 23386A103 US23386A1034 United Kingdom
Dairy Farm International 233859404 US2338594045 Singapore
Daiwa House Industry 234062206 US2340622065 Japan
Dakor West - Reg. S 234070100 US2340701000 Ukraine
Dalian Wanda Commercial 23448P106 US23448P1066 China
Danakali 23585T101 US23585T1016 Australia
Danieli 23624A105 US23624A1051 Italy
Danieli - Savings 23624A204 US23624A2042 Italy
Daphne International 237031109 US2370311092 China
Datalogic 23804U103 US23804U1034 Italy
Datang International Power Generation 23808Q207 US23808Q2075 China
Datatec Limited 23812J108 US23812J1088 South Africa
Davento - 144A 238526107 US2385261076 Ukraine
Davento - Reg. S 238526206 US2385262066 Ukraine
Davide Campari Milano 23857W105 US23857W1053 Italy
DBS 23304Y100 US23304Y1001 Singapore
DCC 23308M102 US23308M1027 Ireland
DCW - 144A 233160100 US2331601003 India
DCW - Reg. S Y20245117 USY202451172 India
De La Rue 241127406 US2411274069 United Kingdom
Dechra Pharmaceuticals 243435104 US2434351043 United Kingdom
Delong Holdings 24713D109 US24713D1090 Singapore
Delta Dunia Makmur 69369C103 US69369C1036 Indonesia
Delta Electronics - 144A 247629207 US2476292071 Taiwan
Delta Electronics - Reg. S 247629306 US2476293061 Taiwan
Delta Lloyd 247658107 US2476581077 Netherlands
Delta-Galil Industries 247637101 US2476371016 Israel
Denizbank - 144A 248477101 US2484771017 Turkey
Denizbank - Reg. S 248477119 US2484771199 Turkey
Denso 24872B100 US24872B1008 Japan
Dentsu 249034109 US2490341094 Japan
Deutsche Boerse 251542106 US2515421061 Germany
Devro 251889101 US2518891013 United Kingdom
Dexia 252136205 US2521362051 Belgium
Diamond Bank - 144A 25256V109 US25256V1098 Nigeria
Diamond Bank - Reg. S 25256V208 US25256V2088 Nigeria
DiaSorin 25283P109 US25283P1093 Italy
Dickson Concepts 253440101 US2534401011 Hong Kong
Digital China 25384X100 US25384X1000 Hong Kong
Dignity 254011109 US2540111091 United Kingdom
Diploma 25455X104 US25455X1046 United Kingdom
Direct Energie 25490G108 US25490G1085 France
Direct Line Insurance 25490E202 US25490E2028 United Kingdom
Discovery 25470G102 US25470G1022 South Africa
Distribuidora Internacional De Alimentacion-DIA 25476E101 US25476E1010 Spain
DKSH 25588U100 US25588U1007 Switzerland
DMCI 255893208 US2558932081 Philippines
DMG MORI Co. 23330S101 US23330S1015 Japan
Dniproazot - Reg. S 256005208 US2560052084 Ukraine
Dniprokoks - Reg. S 25600E100 US25600E1001 Ukraine
DNO 23290P105 US23290P1057 Norway
Dogan Sirketler Grubu 25658Y107 US25658Y1073 Turkey
Domino's Pizza Enterprises 25754L108 US25754L1089 Australia
Domino's Pizza UK & IRL 25754W104 US25754W1045 United Kingdom
Don Quijote Holdings 257569103 US2575691033 Japan
Donetsk Metallurgical Plant - Reg. S 257733105 US2577331059 Ukraine
Dongfang Electric 25773J100 US25773J1007 China
Dongfeng Motor 257738203 US2577382037 China
Dongyue Group 257754101 US2577541012 China
Douglas Holding 259673101 US2596731016 Germany
Downer EDI Limited 260737101 US2607371018 Australia
Drax 261501100 US2615011002 United Kingdom
DS Smith 23335X105 US23335X1054 United Kingdom
DSV 26251A108 US26251A1088 Denmark
Dufry 26433T108 US26433T1088 Switzerland
Dunelm 26543P103 US26543P1030 United Kingdom
Duni 26546T102 US26546T1025 Sweden
Durr AG 266888106 US2668881061 Germany
Dyesol 267700102 US2677001024 Australia
E-Commerce China Dangdang 26833A105 US26833A1051 China
East Asiatic Co-EAC 27054C101 US27054C1018 Denmark
East Japan Railway 273202101 US2732021017 Japan
EastPharma - 144A 27778Q105 US27778Q1058 Turkey
EastPharma - Reg. S 27778Q204 US27778Q2049 Turkey
Ebara 278614201 US2786142016 Japan
EBOS Group 278727102 US2787271020 New Zealand
Ebro Foods 27873T103 US27873T1034 Spain
Echo Investment 27877B108 US27877B1089 Poland
Edenor 29244A102 US29244A1025 Argentina
Edenred 279655104 US2796551040 France
Edita Food Industries - 144A 28106T100 US28106T1007 Egypt
Edita Food Industries - Reg. S 28106T209 US28106T2096 Egypt
EDP Renovaveis 268398104 US2683981045 Spain
EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A. 26844B308 US26844B3087 Greece
EFG International 26842B102 US26842B1026 Switzerland
EI Towers 26853U106 US26853U1060 Italy
Eiffage 282492107 US2824921074 France
Eitzen Chemical 282610104 US2826101048 Norway
El Al Israel Airlines 28265H103 US28265H1032 Israel
Elders 28450T300 US28450T3005 Australia
Electric Power Development 28500N105 US28500N1054 Japan
Electrica - 144A 83367Y108 US83367Y1082 Romania
Electrica - Reg. S 83367Y207 US83367Y2072 Romania
Electricite de France 285039103 US2850391036 France
Electricity Generating 285041208 US2850412089 Thailand
Electro Optic Systems Holdings 28520B107 US28520B1070 Australia
Electrocomponents 285295101 US2852951019 United Kingdom
Elekta 28617Y101 US28617Y1010 Sweden
Elementis 286190103 US2861901039 United Kingdom
Eletropaulo Metropolitana Eletricidade de Sao Paulo - 144A 286203104 US2862031042 Brazil
Eletropaulo Metropolitana Eletricidade de Sao Paulo S.A 286203302 US2862033022 Brazil
Elior 28659C108 US28659C1080 France
Elisa 28660R102 US28660R1023 Finland
Ellaktor 288165103 US2881651036 Greece
Ellies Holdings 28849Q108 US28849Q1085 South Africa
Embraer 29082A107 US29082A1079 Brazil
Enagas 29248L104 US29248L1044 Spain
Endesa 29258N206 US29258N2062 Spain
Enea SA 29269Y100 US29269Y1001 Poland
Enel 29265W207 US29265W2070 Italy
Enel Green Power 29269H107 US29269H1077 Italy
Enel Russia - Reg S 29268L109 US29268L1098 Russia
Energi Mega Persada 69367W101 US69367W1018 Indonesia
Energy Development 29269D106 US29269D1063 Philippines
Energy Resources of Australia 29271X108 US29271X1081 Australia
Energy World 292747102 US2927471027 Australia
Enerji 292759107 US2927591071 Australia
ENEVA 29278B109 US29278B1098 Brazil
Eni 26874R108 US26874R1086 Italy
Eniro 293342101 US2933421016 Sweden
Enka Insaat ve Sanayi 293356101 US2933561019 Turkey
ENN Energy 26876F102 US26876F1021 China
EnQuest 29357J106 US29357J1060 United Kingdom
Enterprise Inns 29372W108 US29372W1080 United Kingdom
Envestra 29404V102 US29404V1026 Australia
Enviro Energy 29404U104 US29404U1043 Hong Kong
EnviroMission 29404F107 US29404F1075 Australia
EOH Ltd. 26876L109 US26876L1098 South Africa
Epigenomics 29428N102 US29428N1028 Germany
Eqstra 294391206 US2943912061 South Africa
Eramet 29478X109 US29478X1090 France
Eregli Demir ve Celik Fabrikalari 29482K101 US29482K1016 Turkey
ERYTECH Pharma 29604W108 US29604W1080 France
Essar Oil - Reg. S 29667P107 US29667P1075 India
Essar Ports - Reg. S 29667C106 US29667C1062 India
Essentra 29670B103 US29670B1035 United Kingdom
Essilor International 297284200 US2972842007 France
Esso 297302101 US2973021015 Thailand
esure 29758Y108 US29758Y1082 United Kingdom
Etalon - 144A 29760G202 US29760G2021 Russia
Etalon - Reg. S 29760G103 US29760G1031 Russia
Euler Hermes 298261108 US2982611087 France
Eurasian Natural Resources 29843V101 US29843V1017 United Kingdom
Eurocash S.A. 29872M105 US29872M1053 Poland
Eutelsat Communications 29888Q207 US29888Q2075 France
Evergrande Real Estate 300151107 US3001511076 China
Evolva 30050L109 US30050L1098 Switzerland
EVS Broadcast Equipment 269271102 US2692711029 Belgium
Exxaro Resources 30231D109 US30231D1090 South Africa
Ezra Holdings 30233K101 US30233K1016 Singapore
Ezz Steel - 144A 26934Q108 US26934Q1085 Egypt
Ezz Steel - Reg. S 26934Q207 US26934Q2075 Egypt
Fabege 302779103 US3027791033 Sweden
Fairfax Media 304005101 US3040051019 Australia
FamilyMart 30706U107 US30706U1079 Japan
Famous Brands 307066100 US3070661000 South Africa
Fanuc Corporation 307305102 US3073051027 Japan
Far East Horizon 30732W101 US30732W1018 Hong Kong
Far East Hospitality 30732U105 US30732U1051 Singapore
Far EasTone Telecommunications - 144A 30733Q608 US30733Q6089 Taiwan
Far EasTone Telecommunications - Reg. S 30733Q707 US30733Q7079 Taiwan
Fast Retailing 31188H101 US31188H1014 Japan
FBD 30248W108 US30248W1080 Ireland
Federal Grid Company - 144A 313354102 US3133541025 Russia
Federal Grid Company - Reg. S 313354201 US3133542015 Russia
Fenner 314474107 US3144741077 United Kingdom
Ferrexpo 31529W106 US31529W1062 Switzerland
Ferrovial 315437103 US3154371039 Spain
Fibra Inn 25160J101 US25160J1016 México
Fidessa 316465103 US3164651032 United Kingdom
Fields 316575109 US3165751096 Japan
Fielmann 31660D107 US31660D1072 Germany
FIH Mobile 30255D100 US30255D1000 China
Filinvest Development 317018109 US3170181099 Philippines
Financiera Independencia 31770B207 US31770B2079 México
Finmeccanica 318027208 US3180272086 Italy
First Gen 320326101 US3203261017 Philippines
First Quantum Minerals - ZDR   ZM0000000375 Canada
First Resources 33617N105 US33617N1054 Singapore
First Ship Lease Trust 336411103 US3364111035 Singapore
First Tractor 337186100 US3371861002 China
FirstGroup 33765M107 US33765M1071 United Kingdom
FirstRand 337626105 US3376261059 South Africa
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 33774M205 US33774M2052 New Zealand
Flight Centre Travel Group 33942L105 US33942L1052 Australia
FLSmidth 343793105 US3437931054 Denmark
Flughafen Zuerich 34379U105 US34379U1051 Switzerland
Folli Follie 344336102 US3443361023 Greece
Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas-FCC 344415302 US3444153023 Spain
Fondul Proprietatea - Reg. S 34460G106 US34460G1067 Romania
Ford Otomotiv Sanayi 345409106 US3454091063 Turkey
ForteBank JSC - 144A 34955X200 US34955X2009 Kazakhstan
ForteBank JSC - 144A 34955X606 US34955X6067 Kazakhstan
ForteBank JSC - Reg. S 34955X507 US34955X5077 Kazakhstan
ForteBank JSC - Reg. S 34955X101 US34955X1019 Kazakhstan
Forterra 34959U103 US34959U1034 Singapore
Fortum 34959F106 US34959F1066 Finland
Forum Bank 349809103 US3498091038 Ukraine
Forward Pharma 34986J105 US34986J1051 Denmark
Fosun International 35037R103 US35037R1032 China
Founder Holdings 35050R105 US35050R1059 Hong Kong
Fountain Set 35075V107 US35075V1070 Hong Kong
Foxtons 35166C109 US35166C1099 United Kingdom
Franshion Properties 35545T104 US35545T1043 Hong Kong
Fraport 35546M108 US35546M1080 Germany
Fraser and Neave 355470105 US3554701058 Singapore
Fred Olsen Energy 355613209 US3556132096 Norway
Freightways 357027101 US3570271011 New Zealand
Fresenius Medical Care - Com 358029106 US3580291066 Germany
Frigoglass 358643104 US3586431047 Greece
Frutarom Industries - 144A 35950R106 US35950R1068 Israel
Frutarom Industries - Reg. S 35950R205 US35950R2058 Israel
Fubon Financial - 144A Lux 359515301 US3595153012 Taiwan
Fubon Financial - Reg. S Lux 359515400 US3595154002 Taiwan
Fuchs Petrolub 35952Q106 US35952Q1067 Germany
Fufeng 35953H105 US35953H1059 China
Fuji Electric 35955T107 US35955T1079 Japan
Fuji Heavy Industries 359556206 US3595562063 Japan
Fuji Media 359582103 US3595821030 Japan
FUJIFILM 35958N107 US35958N1072 Japan
Fujitec 35958W107 US35958W1071 Japan
Fujitsu 359590304 US3595903044 Japan
Fukuoka Financial 35959W106 US35959W1062 Japan
Funai Electric 36076N201 US36076N2018 Japan
Furukawa Electric 361118102 US3611181021 Japan
Futuren 36118C106 US36118C1062 France
G4S 37441W108 US37441W1080 United Kingdom
Gajah Tunggal 69369F106 US69369F1066 Indonesia
Galenica 363378100 US3633781006 Switzerland
Galliford 36382A109 US36382A1097 United Kingdom
Galp Energia 364097105 US3640971053 Portugal
GAM Holding 36143A109 US36143A1097 Switzerland
Gamesa Corporacion Technologica 36468A106 US36468A1060 Spain
Garuda Indonesia 69368U104 US69368U1043 Indonesia
Gas Natural 367205200 US3672052004 Spain
Gategroup 367345105 US3673451056 Switzerland
Gaztransport & Technigaz 36829U106 US36829U1060 France
GB Auto 368290102 US3682901026 Egypt
GB Auto - Reg. S 368290110 US3682901109 Egypt
Geberit 36840V109 US36840V1098 Switzerland
Gedeon Richter - Reg. S 368467205 US3684672054 Hungary
Geely Automobile 36847Q103 US36847Q1031 Hong Kong
Gem Diamonds 368573101 US3685731016 United Kingdom
Genel Energy 368705109 US3687051090 Jersey
Genetic Technologies 37185R208 US37185R2085 Australia
Genting Singapore 37251T104 US37251T1043 Singapore
Genus 37253G100 US37253G1004 United Kingdom
Genworth Mortgage Insurance 37254N104 US37254N1046 Australia
Geox 373693100 US3736931003 Italy
Gerresheimer 374204105 US3742041052 Germany
Gerry Weber 374234102 US3742341023 Germany
Getin 37427W106 US37427W1062 Poland
GETINGE 37427X104 US37427X1046 Sweden
GfK 361688104 US3616881047 Germany
Gintech Energy - 144A 37611B108 US37611B1089 Taiwan
Gintech Energy - Reg. S 37611B207 US37611B2079 Taiwan
Givaudan 37636P108 US37636P1084 Switzerland
Gjensidige Forsikring 37636X101 US37636X1019 Norway
GL Limited 361827108 US3618271080 Singapore
Glanbia 376788105 US3767881051 Ireland
GlaxoSmithKline 37733W105 US37733W1053 United Kingdom
Glencore 37827X100 US37827X1000 Switzerland
Global Bio-chem Technology 37990U107 US37990U1079 Hong Kong
Global Logistic Properties 379411101 US3794111019 Singapore
Global Metals Exploration 37890E104 US37890E1047 Australia
Global PVQ SE 37952W109 US37952W1099 Germany
GlobalTrans Investment - 144A 37949E105 US37949E1055 Russia
GlobalTrans Investment - Reg. S 37949E204 US37949E2046 Russia
Globe Telecom 379549108 US3795491089 Philippines
Globe Trade Centre 379559305 US3795593058 Poland
Globo 37959C106 US37959C1062 United Kingdom
Glorious Property 37960R100 US37960R1005 Hong Kong
Glory 37961P103 US37961P1030 Japan
Glow Energy 37988T104 US37988T1043 Thailand
GMA Network 361878101 US3618781013 Philippines
GN Store Nord 3621ME105 US3621ME1050 Denmark
Go-Ahead Group 380157107 US3801571072 United Kingdom
GOL Offshore - Reg. S 36194L103 US36194L1035 India
Gold Fields 38059T106 US38059T1060 South Africa
Golden Agri-Resources 380787200 US3807872003 Singapore
Golden Eagle 38100R109 US38100R1095 China
Golden Gate Petroleum 381053107 US3810531075 Australia
Golden Meditech 381110105 US3811101050 China
GOME Electrical Appliances 381735109 US3817351097 China
Grafton Group 384382107 US3843821071 Ireland
GrainCorp 38479L105 US38479L1052 Australia
Granules India - Reg. S 388483208 US3884832086 India
Gravity 38911N206 US38911N2062 Korea
Great Eastern Holding 39032W109 US39032W1099 Singapore
Great Wall Motor 39137B109 US39137B1098 China
Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics 392483103 US3924831031 Greece
Greenvale Energy 395833205 US3958332054 Australia
Greggs 397560103 US3975601036 United Kingdom
Grindrod 39854L108 US39854L1089 South Africa
Groupe Bruxelles Lambert 399457100 US3994571004 Belgium
Groupe Eurotunnel 39945F102 US39945F1021 France
Groupe Gorge 399451103 US3994511034 France
Growthpoint Properties 40009U100 US40009U1007 South Africa
Gruma 400131405 US4001314057 México
Grupa Azoty 40053K107 US40053K1079 Poland
Grupa Kety 400499109 US4004991091 Poland
Grupa Lotos 40052L106 US40052L1061 Poland
Grupo Catalana Occidente 40053H104 US40053H1041 Spain
Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana 40052Q105 US40052Q1058 Colombia
Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana - Pref 40052Q204 US40052Q2049 Colombia
Grupo Financiero Banorte 40052P107 US40052P1075 México
Grupo Gigante 400487500 US4004875005 México
Grupo Nutresa 40052J101 US40052J1016 Colombia
Grupo Sanborns 40053M103 US40053M1036 México
Grupo Televisa 40049J206 US40049J2069 México
Grupo TMM 40051D303 US40051D3035 México
Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso 400495107 US4004951079 Italy
GT Capital 36198A103 US36198A1034 Philippines
Guangdong Investment Limited 400654208 US4006542082 China
Guangzhou Automobile 400657102 US4006571024 China
Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical 40066Q109 US40066Q1094 China
Guangzhou R&F Properties 40066H109 US40066H1095 China
GUD Holdings 36249L108 US36249L1089 Australia
Gudang Garam 40157Q109 US40157Q1094 Indonesia
Guinness Peat 40203W100 US40203W1009 United Kingdom
Gulf Keystone Petroleum 402312102 US4023121027 United Kingdom
Guoco Group 403227101 US4032271011 Hong Kong
GuocoLand 40322N106 US40322N1063 Singapore
Guotai Junan 403233109 US4032331096 China
GWA 403651201 US4036512014 Australia
H&M Hennes & Mauritz 425883105 US4258831050 Sweden
Hachijuni Bank 404508202 US4045082025 Japan
Hadasit Bio-Holdings 40409T208 US40409T2087 Israel
Haier Electronics 40522E104 US40522E1047 China
Haitong Securities 405305103 US4053051037 China
Hakuhodo DY 405328105 US4053281055 Japan
Halfords Group 405731100 US4057311007 United Kingdom
Hallenstein Glasson 406165100 US4061651000 New Zealand
HALS-Development PJSC - 144A 40637J105 US40637J1051 Russia
HALS-Development PJSC - Reg. S 40637J204 US40637J2042 Russia
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. 40652R107 US40652R1077 Japan
Hamburger Hafen und Logistik 406763102 US4067631022 Germany
Hannover Rueck SE 410693105 US4106931052 Germany
Hanwha Q Cells 41135V301 US41135V3015 China
Haoma Mining 411356207 US4113562072 Australia
Hapag-Lloyd 41135Q104 US41135Q1040 Germany
Hargreaves Lansdown 412544108 US4125441083 United Kingdom
Hartalega 416182103 US4161821032 Malaysia
Harum Energy 69369N109 US69369N1090 Indonesia
Harvey Norman 417772100 US4177721002 Australia
Haw Par 419664107 US4196641074 Singapore
Hays 421103102 US4211031020 United Kingdom
Healthscope Limited 422259101 US4222591012 Australia
Healthway Medical 422228106 US4222281069 Singapore
Heartland New Zealand 42237F103 US42237F1030 New Zealand
HeidelbergCement 42281P205 US42281P2056 Germany
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen 42281Q104 US42281Q1040 Germany
Heliospectra 423281104 US4232811046 Sweden
Hellaby 42332A108 US42332A1088 New Zealand
Hellenic Exchanges S.A. 42333J108 US42333J1088 Greece
Hellenic Telecom 423325307 US4233253073 Greece
HellermannTyton 423343102 US4233431026 United Kingdom
Heng Xin China 42551J103 US42551J1034 Hong Kong
Hengan International Group 42551N104 US42551N1046 China
Hengdeli Holdings 42551K100 US42551K1007 Hong Kong
Hermes International 42751Q105 US42751Q1058 France
Hermes Microvision - 144A 42751U106 US42751U1060 Taiwan
Hermes Microvision - Reg. S 42751U205 US42751U2050 Taiwan
Hexagon 428263107 US4282631070 Sweden
hibu 42868Y108 US42868Y1082 United Kingdom
Hidili Industry International Devel 42952W109 US42952W1099 China
Hikma Pharmaceuticals 431288109 US4312881091 United Kingdom
Himax Technologies 43289P106 US43289P1066 Taiwan
Himko - Reg. S 432898104 US4328981042 Bulgaria
Hinduja Foundries - Reg. S 43321P106 US43321P1066 India
Hino Motors 433406204 US4334062043 Japan
Hiscox 43358P102 US43358P1021 United Kingdom
Hitachi Chemical 43358K103 US43358K1034 Japan
Hitachi Construction Machinery 43358L101 US43358L1017 Japan
Hitachi High-Technologies 43358M109 US43358M1099 Japan
Hitachi Koki 433575206 US4335752063 Japan
Hitachi Kokusai Electric 433577103 US4335771030 Japan
Hitachi Metals 433584208 US4335842088 Japan
HKC 43367P101 US43367P1012 Hong Kong
Hochiki 434143202 US4341432023 Japan
Hochschild Mining 434147104 US4341471047 United Kingdom
Hochtief 434148102 US4341481020 Germany
Hoganas 434603106 US4346031069 Sweden
Holcim Indonesia 69369D101 US69369D1019 Indonesia
Holcim Philippines 43475C109 US43475C1099 Philippines
Holmen 436299101 US4362991014 Sweden
Holmen AB - B Share 436299200 US4362992004 Sweden
Homeinns Hotel 43742E102 US43742E1029 China
Homeserve 43761A106 US43761A1060 United Kingdom
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing 43858F109 US43858F1093 Hong Kong
Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels 43858X100 US43858X1000 Hong Kong
Hongkong Land 438581308 US4385813088 Hong Kong
Howden Joinery 442879102 US4428791028 United Kingdom
HTL International 404301103 US4043011034 Singapore
Huabao International 44330E108 US44330E1082 China
Huadian Power International 443297106 US4432971061 China
HUGO BOSS 444560106 US4445601069 Germany
Hunting 445828106 US4458281064 United Kingdom
Hurriyet Gazetecilik ve Matbaacilik 44780Q106 US44780Q1067 Turkey
Hutchison Port 44842D101 US44842D1019 Singapore
Hydraulic Machines & Systems-HMS - 144A 40425X308 US40425X3089 Russia
Hydraulic Machines & Systems-HMS - Reg. S 40425X407 US40425X4079 Russia
Hyflux 449034107 US4490341074 Singapore
Hyundai Steel - 144A 44919Q100 US44919Q1004 Korea
I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatic 44967F105 US44967F1057 Italy
ICA 292448206 US2924482068 México
Idemitsu Kosan 45166E104 US45166E1047 Japan
IDM International 449395102 US4493951028 Australia
iDreamSky Technology 45173K101 US45173K1016 China
ifa 44951T103 US44951T1034 Germany
IHI 44962U107 US44962U1079 Japan
Ihlas Holding 451732101 US4517321018 Turkey
iiNet Limited 45174K100 US45174K1007 Australia
Iliad 45173Y101 US45173Y1010 France
Illich Iron and Steel Works - Reg. S 451767107 US4517671073 Ukraine
Illovo Sugar 45232R105 US45232R1059 South Africa
Iluka Resources 452363104 US4523631046 Australia
IMAGI 45248T103 US45248T1034 Hong Kong
Imagination Technologies 45249P100 US45249P1003 United Kingdom
Immuron 45254U101 US45254U1016 Australia
Implanet 45321V108 US45321V1089 France
Impulsora del Desarrollo y el Empleo en America Latina 45322X103 US45322X1037 México
Inchcape 45326V103 US45326V1035 United Kingdom
Incitec Pivot 45326Y206 US45326Y2063 Australia
Independent News & Media 45401T106 US45401T1060 Ireland
Indesit 45407T100 US45407T1007 Italy
Indika Energy 69369K105 US69369K1051 Indonesia
Indo Tambangraya Megah-ITM 45578T103 US45578T1034 Indonesia
Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa 69364M205 US69364M2052 Indonesia
Indofood Agri Resources 45577A105 US45577A1051 Singapore
Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur 69369U103 US69369U1034 Indonesia
Indofood Sukses Makmur 45577X105 US45577X1054 Indonesia
Indorama Ventures 45579X103 US45579X1037 Thailand
Indra Sistemas 45579R106 US45579R1068 Spain
Indusind Bank - Reg. S 455786103 US4557861030 India
Industria de Diseno Textil Inditex 455793109 US4557931098 Spain
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 455807107 US4558071076 China
Industrial Investment Trust - Reg. S 451737100 US4517371005 India
Informa 45672B305 US45672B3050 United Kingdom
Ingenico Group 45684W107 US45684W1071 France
Inmarsat 45772S109 US45772S1096 United Kingdom
Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal 45779F209 US45779F2092 China
INPEX 45790H101 US45790H1014 Japan
Insurance Australia Group 457874105 US4578741054 Australia
Intec 45823M200 US45823M2008 Australia
Intelligent Energy 45825Y103 US45825Y1038 United Kingdom
International Container Terminal 459360103 US4593601036 Philippines
International Ferro Metals 45951G108 US45951G1085 Australia
International Personal Finance 46015U109 US46015U1097 United Kingdom
Interpump Group SpA 460693401 US4606934010 Italy
Interserve 46069B106 US46069B1061 United Kingdom
Intertek 461130106 US4611301064 United Kingdom
Intesa Sanpaolo 46115H107 US46115H1077 Italy
Intime Retail 46116F100 US46116F1003 China
Intralot 46117T109 US46117T1097 Greece
Intrum Justitia 46123T101 US46123T1016 Sweden
Investec 46131U108 US46131U1088 South Africa
Investec 46132U107 US46132U1079 United Kingdom
Investor 46145A106 US46145A1060 Sweden
IPSOS 462631102 US4626311025 France
IQE 44986P100 US44986P1003 United Kingdom
iQnovate 46265N102 US46265N1028 Australia
Iren 46269D100 US46269D1000 Italy
IRESS Limited 46269H101 US46269H1014 Australia
IRKUT 46271W104 US46271W1045 Russia
Ironbark Zinc 463011205 US4630112054 Australia
IRPC Public 45004W100 US45004W1009 Thailand
ISA 45853N102 US45853N1028 Colombia
Israel Corporation 465047108 US4650471083 Israel
Israel Discount Bank 465074409 US4650744091 Israel
ISS A/S 465147106 US4651471066 Denmark
Isuzu Motors 465254209 US4652542097 Japan
Italcementi Fabriche Riunite Cemento 465272201 US4652722012 Italy
Italmobiliare 465358109 US4653581094 Italy
Itau Unibanco 465562106 US4655621062 Brazil
ITC Properties 450325105 US4503251054 Hong Kong
ITE Group 450364104 US4503641049 United Kingdom
Itochu 465717106 US4657171066 Japan
ITOCHU Techno-Solutions 465720100 US4657201004 Japan
ITV 45069P107 US45069P1075 United Kingdom
J Sainsbury 466249208 US4662492085 United Kingdom
JA Solar 466090206 US4660902069 China
JAFCO Co 470007105 US4700071057 Japan
Japan Airlines 471038109 US4710381090 Japan
Japan Exchange 471059105 US4710591052 Japan
Japan Petroleum Exploration 47110T104 US47110T1043 Japan
Japan Steel Works 471100206 US4711002067 Japan
JAPAN TOBACCO 471105205 US4711052054 Japan
Japara Healthcare 47111L100 US47111L1008 Australia
Jardine Cycle & Carriage 47110M208 US47110M2089 Singapore
Jardine Lloyd Thompson 471113100 US4711131007 United Kingdom
Jardine Matheson 471115402 US4711154025 Hong Kong
Jardine Strategic 471122200 US4711222004 Hong Kong
Jasa Marga 69369T106 US69369T1060 Indonesia
Jastrzebska Spolka Weglowa 47189A101 US47189A1016 Poland
JB Hi-Fi Limited 47215W101 US47215W1018 Australia
JBS 466110103 US4661101034 Brazil
JCDecaux 47215K107 US47215K1079 France
Jeronimo Martins 476493101 US4764931014 Portugal
JG Summit Holdings, Inc. 466152204 US4661522049 Philippines
JGC 466140100 US4661401004 Japan
JHSF Participacoes - 144A 46619F102 US46619F1021 Brazil
JHSF Participacoes - Reg. S 46619F201 US46619F2011 Brazil
Jiangsu Expressway 477373104 US4773731041 China
Jiangxi Copper 47737M102 US47737M1027 China
JKX Oil & Gas 47758M106 US47758M1062 United Kingdom
John Menzies 47804Y104 US47804Y1047 United Kingdom
Johnson Electric 479087405 US4790874055 Hong Kong
Johnston Press 479398109 US4793981097 United Kingdom
Jollibee Foods 479830101 US4798301010 Philippines
JSC TBC Bank - 144A 87217U109 US87217U1097 Georgia
JSC TBC Bank - Reg. S 87217U208 US87217U2087 Georgia
JSE 48124V101 US48124V1017 South Africa
JSR 46632X106 US46632X1063 Japan
Julius Baer 48137C108 US48137C1080 Switzerland
Jumbo 48138V105 US48138V1052 Greece
Jumei 48138L107 US48138L1070 China
Jutal Offshore Oil Services 482205101 US4822051011 China
JVC Kenwood 46636X102 US46636X1028 Japan
JX Holdings 466295102 US4662951023 Japan
Jyske 482229101 US4822291013 Denmark
K+S 48265W108 US48265W1080 Germany
Kabel Deutschland 48283J105 US48283J1051 Germany
Kaisa 48300T102 US48300T1025 China
Kajima 483111209 US4831112093 Japan
Kalbe Farma 69368A108 US69368A1088 Indonesia
KalNorth Gold Mines Ltd 483443107 US4834431078 Australia
Kansai Electric Power 484602305 US4846023053 Japan
Karoon Gas Australia 485757108 US4857571081 Australia
Karur K.C.P. Packkagings - Reg. S 48576W102 US48576W1027 India
Kasikornbank 485785109 US4857851095 Thailand
Kaspi Bank - Reg. S 48581B101 US48581B1017 Kazakhstan
Kathmandu 485886105 US4858861051 New Zealand
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha 486364102 US4863641027 Japan
Kaz Minerals 48667P107 US48667P1075 United Kingdom
Kazakhstan Kagazy - 144A 48667M302 US48667M3025 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Kagazy - Reg. S 48667M401 US48667M4015 Kazakhstan
Kazkommertsbank - 144A 48666E509 US48666E5096 Kazakhstan
Kazkommertsbank - Reg. S 48666E608 US48666E6086 Kazakhstan
KBC 48241F104 US48241F1049 Belgium
KCOM 482431103 US4824311033 United Kingdom
KDDI Corporation 48667L106 US48667L1061 Japan
Keller 487646101 US4876461017 United Kingdom
Kemrock Industries and Exports - Reg. S 488472101 US4884721014 India
Kenedix 48881R103 US48881R1032 Japan
Kentz 491768107 US4917681078 Jersey
Keppel Telecom. & Transport 492054101 US4920541012 Singapore
Kering 492089107 US4920891078 France
Kerry Group 492460100 US4924601002 Ireland
Kerry Properties 492470109 US4924701091 Hong Kong
Kesa Electricals 492523105 US4925231056 United Kingdom
Kesko OYJ 492531108 US4925311080 Finland
Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant - Reg. S 49373P209 US49373P2092 Ukraine
Kier Group 493859102 US4938591025 United Kingdom
Kingboard Chemical 49566C106 US49566C1062 China
Kingboard Laminates 495669103 US4956691038 Hong Kong
Kingdee International Software 49567R102 US49567R1023 China
Kingsgate Consolidated 496362104 US4963621044 Australia
Kingspan Group 496402108 US4964021087 Ireland
Kingsrose Mining 496462102 US4964621027 Australia
Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution 496880204 US4968802045 China
Kintetsu World Express 49720R106 US49720R1068 Japan
Kitov Pharmaceuticals 49803V107 US49803V1070 Israel
Klabin 49834M100 US49834M1009 Brazil
Koc Holding 49989A109 US49989A1097 Turkey
Koito Manufacturing 500275102 US5002751023 Japan
Kone 50048H101 US50048H1014 Finland
Konecranes 50048J107 US50048J1079 Finland
Kongsberg Gruppen 50048U102 US50048U1025 Norway
Konica Minolta 50048B104 US50048B1044 Japan
Koninklijke Vopak 50048T105 US50048T1051 Netherlands
Kontron 500477104 US5004771045 Germany
Kowloon Development 50074T102 US50074T1025 Hong Kong
Koza Altin Isletmeleri 50075G109 US50075G1094 Turkey
Krakatau Steel 74442M102 US74442M1027 Indonesia
Krones 50106E107 US50106E1073 Germany
Kroton Educacional S.A. 50106A402 US50106A4022 Brazil
Krung Thai Bank 501102107 US5011021079 Thailand
Kryvyi Rih Cement - Reg. S 50115R107 US50115R1077 Ukraine
KSG Agro 482676103 US4826761037 Ukraine
KT&G - 144A 48268G100 US48268G1004 Korea
Kuehne & Nagel International 501187108 US5011871085 Switzerland
Kuka 501223101 US5012231016 Germany
Kumba Iron Ore 50125N104 US50125N1046 South Africa
Kumho Tire - 144A 50125M106 US50125M1062 Korea
Kumho Tire - Reg. S 50125M205 US50125M2052 Korea
Kungsleden 501263107 US5012631074 Sweden
Kunlun Energy 50126A101 US50126A1016 China
Kuoni Reisen 501264105 US5012641057 Switzerland
Kuraray 50127R103 US50127R1032 Japan
Kyushu Electric Power 501590103 US5015901037 Japan
L'Occitane International 50212N108 US50212N1081 Luxembourg
L'Oreal 502117203 US5021172037 France
LafargeHolcim 50586V108 US50586V1089 Switzerland
Laird 507365104 US5073651045 United Kingdom
Lamprell 513689109 US5136891091 United Arab Emirates
Land and Houses 514634104 US5146341046 Thailand
Lanxess 516557105 US5165571051 Germany
Latin Resources 51828X100 US51828X1000 Australia
Lecico Egypt 523240307 US5232403072 Egypt
Lecico Egypt - 144A 523240109 US5232401092 Egypt
Legrand 524671104 US5246711049 France
Lenzing 526360201 US5263602014 Austria
Leoni 526640107 US5266401075 Germany
Lepanto Consolidated Mining 526732607 US5267326073 Philippines
Leroy Seafood 52681J105 US52681J1051 Norway
Let's GOWEX 527261101 US5272611014 Spain
Lewis Group 527886105 US5278861050 South Africa
LI & FUNG 501897102 US5018971029 Hong Kong
Li Ning 52989T102 US52989T1025 China
Lianhua Supermarket Holdings 52989V107 US52989V1070 China
Liberty Bank - 144A 53021R203 US53021R2031 Georgia
Liberty Bank - Reg. S 53021R104 US53021R1041 Georgia
Liberty Consumer - 144A 53036P101 US53036P1012 Georgia
Liberty Consumer - Reg. S 53036P200 US53036P2002 Georgia
LIC Housing Finance - 144A 50186U104 US50186U1043 India
LIC Housing Finance - Reg. S 50186U203 US50186U2033 India
Life Healthcare Group Holdings 531850105 US5318501054 South Africa
Lifestyle International 53223Q102 US53223Q1022 Hong Kong
LightInTheBox 53225G102 US53225G1022 China
Linc Energy 532782109 US5327821097 Australia
Lion 536197106 US5361971063 Japan
Lippo Karawaci 69369W109 US69369W1099 Indonesia
Living Cell Technologies 53838R107 US53838R1077 Australia
Lixil 53931R103 US53931R1032 Japan
Lloyd Electric & Engineering - Reg. S 539373100 US5393731006 India
Lloyds Banking Group 539439109 US5394391099 United Kingdom
Lloyds Banking Group - 144A 539439AA7 US539439AA71 United Kingdom
Lloyds Banking Group - Reg. S 539439AB5 US539439AB54 United Kingdom
Lloyds Banking Group - Ser A - 144A 539439AC3 US539439AC38 United Kingdom
Lloyds Banking Group - Ser A - Reg. S G5533WAA5 USG5533WAA56 United Kingdom
Lloyds Banking Group - Ser B - 144A 539439AD1 US539439AD11 United Kingdom
Lloyds Banking Group - Ser B - Reg. S G5533WAB3 USG5533WAB30 United Kingdom
Lloyds Banking Group Non Cumulative Dollar - Pref - 144A 539439AF6 US539439AF68 United Kingdom
Lloyds Banking Group Non Cumulative Dollar - Pref - Reg. S 539439AE9 US539439AE93 United Kingdom
LOMO - Reg. S 541681102 US5416811025 Russia
London Stock Exchange 54211N101 US54211N1019 United Kingdom
Longfor Properties 54303R101 US54303R1014 China
Lonking Holdings 54337B106 US54337B1061 China
Lonza Group 54338V101 US54338V1017 Switzerland
Loomis 543446108 US5434461084 Sweden
LPP 50213U101 US50213U1016 Poland
Lubelski Wegiel Bogdanka 549259109 US5492591095 Poland
Lucky Cement - 144A 549520104 US5495201049 Pakistan
Lucky Cement - Reg. S 549520203 US5495202039 Pakistan
Luks Group 54987P108 US54987P1084 Hong Kong
Lundin Petroleum 55037R101 US55037R1014 Sweden
Luxempart 55067Q106 US55067Q1067 Luxembourg
Luxfer 550678106 US5506781062 United Kingdom
LVMH 502441306 US5024413065 France
Lynas 551073208 US5510732085 Australia
M1 Limited 60923T104 US60923T1043 Singapore
M2 Group Ltd 62476E104 US62476E1047 Australia
M2 Real Estate - 144A 62475X103 US62475X1037 Georgia
M2 Real Estate - Reg. S 62475X202 US62475X2027 Georgia
Mabuchi Motor 554141101 US5541411014 Japan
Macquarie Group 55607P204 US55607P2048 Australia
Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works - 144A 559189105 US5591891057 Russia
Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works - Reg. S 559189204 US5591892048 Russia
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam 559778402 US5597784025 India
Mainfreight 560598104 US5605981043 New Zealand
Maire Tecnimont 56064T101 US56064T1016 Italy
Malayan Banking 56108H105 US56108H1059 Malaysia
Man - Com 561641101 US5616411014 Germany
Man - Pref 56165Q105 US56165Q1058 Germany
Man Group 56164U107 US56164U1079 United Kingdom
Management Consulting 561684101 US5616841012 United Kingdom
Mandarin Oriental International 562600304 US5626003041 Hong Kong
Manila Electric 563245703 US5632457033 Philippines
Manila Water Company 563257104 US5632571049 Philippines
ManWah 561653106 US5616531068 Hong Kong
Maoye International 56510C207 US56510C2070 China
Mapfre 565100104 US5651001043 Spain
Maple Energy 565118106 US5651181068 Peru
Marfin Investment 566560108 US5665601085 Greece
Marganetsky 566566105 US5665661055 Ukraine
Mariupol Heavy Machinery Plant Azov - Reg. S 57037M108 US57037M1080 Ukraine
MARR 571623107 US5716231072 Italy
Marston's 573026101 US5730261014 United Kingdom
Marubeni 573810207 US5738102079 Japan
Marui Group 573814308 US5738143081 Japan
Massmart Holdings Limited 576290209 US5762902097 South Africa
Materialise 57667T100 US57667T1007 Belgium
Matsui Securities 576875207 US5768752074 Japan
Mauna Kea 577511108 US5775111082 France
Maxcom Telecomunicaciones 57773A508 US57773A5083 México
Mazda Motor 578787103 US5787871038 Japan
Mazor Robotics 57886P103 US57886P1030 Israel
McBride 579254103 US5792541030 United Kingdom
McMillan Shakespeare 582310108 US5823101085 Australia
Mears Group 583402102 US5834021025 United Kingdom
Meda 58403D102 US58403D1028 Sweden
Medco Energi Internasional 58406A105 US58406A1051 Indonesia
Media Nusantara Citra 69369J108 US69369J1088 Indonesia
Mediaset Espana Communicacion 58448Y103 US58448Y1038 Spain
Medibank Private 58450J101 US58450J1016 Australia
Medical Australia 58450Y108 US58450Y1082 Australia
Mediclinic International 58470X106 US58470X1063 South Africa
Medigus 58471G102 US58471G1022 Israel
Mediobanca 58502K106 US58502K1060 Italy
Medipal Holdings 58502T107 US58502T1079 Japan
Medivir 58502Y106 US58502Y1064 Sweden
Megabank 58516T101 US58516T1016 Ukraine
Megaworld 58517W103 US58517W1036 Philippines
Meggitt 58517R104 US58517R1041 United Kingdom
MEIJI Holdings 585265101 US5852651018 Japan
Melbourne IT 585400104 US5854001048 Australia
Melrose Industries Plc 585646102 US5856461026 United Kingdom
MEO Australia 55276X108 US55276X1081 Australia
Merck KGaA 589339100 US5893391004 Germany
Mersen 59044P108 US59044P1084 France
Metallurgical Corporation of China 59126Q107 US59126Q1076 China
Methven 591542105 US5915421052 New Zealand
Metka 59155R109 US59155R1095 Greece
Metro AG 59160R102 US59160R1023 Germany
Metro Holdings 591618103 US5916181036 Singapore
Metropole Television 59170V101 US59170V1017 France
Metropolitan Bank & Trust-Metrobank 591773106 US5917731060 Philippines
Metsa Board 59267U107 US59267U1079 Finland
Metso 592671101 US5926711012 Finland
Mexichem 59284B108 US59284B1089 México
MHP - 144A 55302T105 US55302T1051 Ukraine
MHP - Reg. S 55302T204 US55302T2042 Ukraine
Michael Hill International 59407V106 US59407V1061 New Zealand
Michael Page 59408P108 US59408P1084 United Kingdom
Michelin 59410T106 US59410T1060 France
Micro Focus International 594837106 US5948371068 United Kingdom
Micronas Semiconductor 59511T104 US59511T1043 Switzerland
Millennium & Copthorne Hotels 60040H108 US60040H1086 United Kingdom
Mincor Resources 602538100 US6025381004 Australia
Mindray Medical International 602675100 US6026751007 China
Minera Frisco 60283E101 US60283E1010 México
Minera Frisco - 144A 60283E200 US60283E2000 México
Minera IRL 60283B107 US60283B1070 United Kingdom
Mineral Resources 603051103 US6030511033 Australia
Mingyuan Medicare Development Compa 603586108 US6035861086 Hong Kong
Minmetals Resources 60369A106 US60369A1060 Hong Kong
Minor International 60433U104 US60433U1043 Thailand
Minth Group 60448A101 US60448A1016 China
Mirgor - 144A 604701102 US6047011027 Argentina
Mirgor - Reg. S 604701201 US6047012017 Argentina
Mitchells & Butlers 60668M306 US60668M3060 United Kingdom
Mitie 60671Y107 US60671Y1073 United Kingdom
Mitra Adiperkasa 69369G104 US69369G1040 Indonesia
Mitsubishi Chemical 606763100 US6067631001 Japan
Mitsubishi Electric 606776201 US6067762012 Japan
Mitsubishi Estate 606783207 US6067832070 Japan
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma 606813202 US6068132025 Japan
Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance 60682L102 US60682L1026 Japan
Mitsui Chemicals 606836104 US6068361046 Japan
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding 606837102 US6068371029 Japan
Mitsui Mining & Smelting 606844207 US6068442077 Japan
Mitsui OSK Lines 60685L109 US60685L1098 Japan
MiX Telematics 60688N102 US60688N1028 South Africa
MLP 55313M107 US55313M1071 Germany
MMI Holdings 55314H107 US55314H1077 South Africa
MMX Mineracao e Metalicos 60688E201 US60688E2019 Brazil
Mobile Telesystems Public Joint Sto - 144A 607409208 US6074092080 Russia
Mobile Telesystems Public Joint Sto - Reg. S 607409307 US6074093070 Russia
Mobistar 60743M107 US60743M1071 Belgium
Modern Times 607698206 US6076982064 Sweden
MOKO Social Media 608458204 US6084582047 Australia
MOL 60845Q105 US60845Q1058 Malaysia
MOL Magyar Olaj-ES Gazipari 608464202 US6084642023 Hungary
MOL Magyar Olaj-ES Gazipari - 144A 608464103 US6084641033 Hungary
Moleskine 608553103 US6085531035 Italy
Molopo Energy 608707105 US6087071055 Australia
Monadelphous 608874103 US6088741037 Australia
Moncler 60919T100 US60919T1007 Italy
Mondi 60921V101 US60921V1017 United Kingdom
Mondi Limited 60921W109 US60921W1099 South Africa
Monex 60935V204 US60935V2043 Japan 60937H104 US60937H1041 United Kingdom
Mongolia Energy 60936Y207 US60936Y2072 China
Mongolian Mining 60937C105 US60937C1053 Hong Kong
Monitise plc 609401104 US6094011045 United Kingdom
Mooter Media 616346102 US6163461022 Australia
Morgan Advanced Materials 616885208 US6168852084 United Kingdom
MorphoSys 617760103 US6177601035 Germany
Moscow Candy Factory Red October - Reg. S 619460108 US6194601083 Russia
Mosenergo - 144A 61954Q100 US61954Q1004 Russia
Mosenergo - Reg. S 61954Q209 US61954Q2093 Russia
Mota Engil 61971P101 US61971P1012 Portugal
Motor Oil (Hellas) 620034108 US6200341088 Greece
Mount Gibson Iron 621324102 US6213241028 Australia
Mr Price 62476L207 US62476L2079 South Africa
Mriya Agro - 144A 62476F101 US62476F1012 Ukraine
Mriya Agro - Reg. S 62476F200 US62476F2002 Ukraine
MRV Engenharia 553479106 US5534791067 Brazil
MS&AD Insurance 553491101 US5534911012 Japan
MTN Group 62474M108 US62474M1080 South Africa
MTU Aero Engines 62473G102 US62473G1022 Germany
Mulberry 625110101 US6251101019 United Kingdom
Munich Re Group 626188106 US6261881063 Germany
Murata Manufacturing 626425102 US6264251025 Japan
Mytilineos Holdings 62866P107 US62866P1075 Greece
N Brown 628786105 US6287861057 United Kingdom
Nabriva Therapeutics 62957M104 US62957M1045 Austria
Nabtesco 62957T109 US62957T1097 Japan
Naeem Holding - Reg. S 629690108 US6296901084 Egypt
NAMCO BANDAI 62987C100 US62987C1009 Japan
Nan Hai 63000T104 US63000T1043 Hong Kong
Nano Dimension 63008G104 US63008G1040 Israel
Nanostart 63009T105 US63009T1051 Germany
Naspers 631512100 US6315121003 South Africa
National Express 636012106 US6360121064 United Kingdom
Natixis 63873D103 US63873D1037 France
Natural Resource Holdings 639010107 US6390101078 Israel
Naturex 63903E105 US63903E1055 France
Navitas Limited 63939T100 US63939T1007 Australia
Nearmap 639504109 US6395041097 Australia
Nedbank 63975K104 US63975K1043 South Africa
Neftohim - Reg. S 640125100 US6401251003 Bulgaria
Neftynaya Companiya-Rosneft - Reg. S 67812M207 US67812M2070 Russia
Neometals 64050X102 US64050X1028 Australia
Neon Energy 64050U108 US64050U1088 Australia
Neopost 64051R104 US64051R1041 France
Neptune Marine Services 640747101 US6407471019 Australia
Neste Oyi 64104Y106 US64104Y1064 Finland
Netcare 64111D103 US64111D1037 South Africa
NetDimensions 64112N100 US64112N1000 Hong Kong
NetDragon Websoft 64112F107 US64112F1075 Hong Kong
New Guinea Energy 644556102 US6445561029 Australia
New World China Land 64926M207 US64926M2070 Hong Kong
New World Department Store China 64927Q108 US64927Q1085 Hong Kong
New Zealand Oil and Gas 650173206 US6501732068 New Zealand
New Zealand Refining 650184104 US6501841042 New Zealand
Newzulu 65341Q103 US65341Q1031 Australia
NEXANS 65338U109 US65338U1097 France
Next 65337A104 US65337A1043 United Kingdom
NGK Spark Plug 62913J104 US62913J1043 Japan
NH Foods 62914L108 US62914L1089 Japan
Nichirei 65370E104 US65370E1047 Japan
Nickel Asia 65388R105 US65388R1059 Philippines
Nido Petroleum 654091107 US6540911079 Australia
Nifco 654101203 US6541012034 Japan
Nighthawk Energy 65411V107 US65411V1070 United Kingdom
Nihon Kohden 65412C108 US65412C1080 Japan
Nikon 654111202 US6541112024 Japan
Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant - Reg. S 65411M206 US65411M2061 Ukraine
Nine Dragons Paper Holdings 65439E202 US65439E2028 Hong Kong
Nintendo 654445303 US6544453037 Japan
Nippon Express 654563105 US6545631052 Japan
Nippon Kayaku 654573104 US6545731043 Japan
Nippon Sheet Glass 654616101 US6546161018 Japan
Nippon Shokubai 48283C100 US48283C1009 Japan
Nippon Suisan 654620202 US6546202028 Japan
Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha 654633304 US6546333047 Japan
Nissan Chemical Industries 65476F104 US65476F1049 Japan
Nisshin Steel 65477Y102 US65477Y1029 Japan
Nisshinbo 65477V108 US65477V1089 Japan
Nitto Denko 654802206 US6548022069 Japan
NKT 62915V105 US62915V1052 Denmark
Nobia 654891100 US6548911006 Sweden
Noble Group 65504R104 US65504R1041 Hong Kong
Nokian Tyres 65528V107 US65528V1070 Finland
Nomura 65535H208 US65535H2085 Japan
Nomura Research Institute 65538C107 US65538C1071 Japan
Norse Energy 65651Q107 US65651Q1076 Norway
Norske Skogindustrier 656533403 US6565334033 Norway
Northern Offshore 66550L108 US66550L1089 Bermuda
Northern Star Resources 66573R108 US66573R1086 Australia
NOS, SGPS, SA 669745101 US6697451010 Portugal
Novogen 67010F202 US67010F2020 Australia
Novozymes 670108109 US6701081092 Denmark
NSK 670184100 US6701841008 Japan
NTT Data 629436106 US6294361067 Japan
Nuplex Industries 67058Q102 US67058Q1022 New Zealand
Nyrstar 67077R107 US67077R1077 Belgium
NZX Limited 629506106 US6295061062 New Zealand
O'Key Group - 144A 670866102 US6708661029 Russia
O'Key Group - Reg. S 670866201 US6708662019 Russia
O-Net Communications 67102T102 US67102T1025 China
O2Micro International 67107W100 US67107W1009 Hong Kong
Oasmia Pharmaceutical 67421W109 US67421W1099 Sweden
Obrascon Huarte Lain 674445101 US6744451013 Spain
Ocado 674488101 US6744881011 United Kingdom
OCI N.V. 67091G202 US67091G2021 Egypt
OCI N.V.- Reg. S 67091G103 US67091G1031 Egypt
Odeskable - Reg. S 675847206 US6758472061 Ukraine
Oerlikon 67084Q100 US67084Q1004 Switzerland
OGX PETROLEO E GAS SA - Em Recuperacao Judicial 67107X108 US67107X1081 Brazil
Oi - Com 670851500 US6708515001 Brazil
Oi - Pref 670851401 US6708514012 Brazil
Oil & Gas Development - 144A 67778Q101 US67778Q1013 Pakistan
Oil & Gas Development - Reg. S 67778Q200 US67778Q2003 Pakistan
Oil Refineries 67788W106 US67788W1062 Israel
Oji Holdings Corporation 678123100 US6781231005 Japan
Oki Electric 678495102 US6784951021 Japan
Olam International 67935P103 US67935P1030 Singapore
OLEO E GAS PARTICIPACOES 68061P107 US68061P1075 Brazil
OLS Enterprise 67106L105 US67106L1052 Singapore
Omnia Holdings 68216E106 US68216E1064 South Africa
ONO Pharmaceutical 682736103 US6827361030 Japan
Onward Holdings 68338P203 US68338P2039 Japan
Opera Software 68371J106 US68371J1060 Norway
Ophir Energy 68373H108 US68373H1086 United Kingdom
OpSec Security 68384Q105 US68384Q1058 United Kingdom
Opthea 68386J109 US68386J1097 Australia
Option 68401K107 US68401K1079 Belgium
Orascom Telecom Media and Technology - 144A 68555D107 US68555D1072 Egypt
Orascom Telecom Media and Technology - Reg. S 68555D206 US68555D2062 Egypt
Ordzhonikidzevsky 685757106 US6857571060 Ukraine
Organizacion Soriana - B Shares 68619W109 US68619W1099 México
Orica Limited 68618H103 US68618H1032 Australia
Orient Overseas International 68620F103 US68620F1030 Hong Kong
Oriental Land 68620X104 US68620X1046 Japan
Origin Energy 68618R200 US68618R2004 Australia
Oriola-KD 686259102 US6862591020 Finland
Orion 68628Y104 US68628Y1047 Finland
Orkla 686331109 US6863311097 Norway
Orora Limited 687160101 US6871601018 Australia
Orpea 687294108 US6872941082 France
Osaka Gas 687739102 US6877391028 Japan
OSIM 68827V109 US68827V1098 Singapore
OSRAM Licht 68840Y106 US68840Y1064 Germany
Ossur 68857T107 US68857T1079 Iceland
Osterreichische Post 68859R109 US68859R1095 Austria
OSX Brasil 67105M104 US67105M1045 Brazil
Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi 68906B107 US68906B1070 Turkey
Otsuka 689164101 US6891641010 Japan
Outokumpu 69011W200 US69011W2008 Finland
Outotec 69011X109 US69011X1090 Finland
Oversea-Chinese Banking 690333109 US6903331097 Singapore
Oxford Instruments 691478101 US6914781017 United Kingdom
Pacific Basin Shipping 69402P103 US69402P1030 Hong Kong
Pacific Brands 69403Y103 US69403Y1038 Australia
Paddy Power 695274209 US6952742095 Ireland
Pakistan Petroleum 695852103 US6958521030 Pakistan
Palabora Mining 695870600 US6958706003 South Africa
Paladin Energy 69606A100 US69606A1007 Australia
Palfinger 696375104 US6963751044 Austria
Palm Hills Developments - 144A 696640101 US6966401019 Egypt
Palm Hills Developments - Reg. S 696640200 US6966402009 Egypt
Pampa Energia 697660207 US6976602077 Argentina
Panalpina Welttransport 698116100 US6981161002 Switzerland
Pancontinental Oil & Gas 69834C100 US69834C1009 Australia
Pandora 698341104 US6983411041 Denmark
Parade Technologies - 144A 699002101 US6990021015 Taiwan
Parade Technologies - Reg. S 699002200 US6990022005 Taiwan
Paramount Communications - Reg. S 69921M102 US69921M1027 India
Parana Banco 699354106 US6993541068 Brazil
Parkson Retail 70147B102 US70147B1026 China
Parmalat - 144A 70175R102 US70175R1023 Italy
Parmalat - Reg. S 70175R201 US70175R2013 Italy
PayPoint 70450W107 US70450W1071 United Kingdom
Paz Oil 70454N103 US70454N1037 Israel
PBG 69318C105 US69318C1053 Poland
Peak Resources 70469N106 US70469N1063 Australia
Peak Sport Products 70469K102 US70469K1025 China
Pearson 705015105 US7050151056 United Kingdom
Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi 705567105 US7055671058 Turkey
Pelion S.A. 705879104 US7058791044 Poland
Pennon 708326103 US7083261039 United Kingdom
People's Food 711105106 US7111051063 China
Perennial China Retail 71367J106 US71367J1060 Singapore
Permanent TSB Group 714203106 US7142031068 Ireland
Pernod Ricard 714264207 US7142642070 France
Persimmon 715318101 US7153181018 United Kingdom
Perusahaan Gas Negara 69367P106 US69367P1066 Indonesia
Petkim Petrokimya 71638Y106 US71638Y1064 Turkey
Petrofac Limited 716473103 US7164731033 Jersey
Petroleo Brasileiro-Petrobras - Com 71654V408 US71654V4086 Brazil
Petroleo Brasileiro-Petrobras - Pref 71654V101 US71654V1017 Brazil
Petron 71674A103 US71674A1034 Philippines
Petropavlovsk 71674T102 US71674T1025 United Kingdom
Pets at Home 71677T109 US71677T1097 United Kingdom
Peugeot 716830104 US7168301049 France
PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna 69341U106 US69341U1060 Poland
PGG Wrightson 69341Q105 US69341Q1058 New Zealand
Pharmacy Chain 36.6 - Reg. S 7171EM108 US7171EM1089 Russia
Pharmaxis 71715J105 US71715J1051 Australia
Philex Mining 718142409 US7181424091 Philippines
Philippine Seven 71828P105 US71828P1057 Philippines
Phoenix 71906Q108 US71906Q1085 Jersey
Phosphagenics 718958101 US7189581017 Australia
PICC Property and Casualty 69338J106 US69338J1060 China
Pick 'n Pay Stores 719570103 US7195701039 South Africa
Pigeon Corporation 721006104 US7210061047 Japan
Ping An Insurance Company of China 72341E304 US72341E3045 China
Ping An Insurance Company of China - 144A 72341E106 US72341E1064 China
Pinnacle Holdings Limited 72349E108 US72349E1082 South Africa
Pioneer Corporation 723646204 US7236462047 Japan
Pioneer Food 72390A104 US72390A1043 South Africa
Piraeus Bank 724249305 US7242493051 Greece
Piraeus Port Authority 72424P101 US72424P1012 Greece
PJSC Cherkizovo Group - 144A 164145104 US1641451042 Russia
PJSC Cherkizovo Group - Reg. S 164145203 US1641452032 Russia
PJSC Inter RAO UES - 144A 45835N105 US45835N1054 Russia
PJSC Inter RAO UES - Reg. S 45835N204 US45835N2045 Russia
PJSC Lenenergo - 144A 52602M104 US52602M1045 Russia
PJSC Lenenergo - PREF - 144A 52602M302 US52602M3025 Russia
PJSC Lenenergo - PREF - Reg. S 52602M401 US52602M4015 Russia
PJSC Lenenergo - Reg. S 52602M203 US52602M2035 Russia
PJSC MegaFon - 144A 58517T100 US58517T1007 Russia
PJSC MegaFon - Reg. S 58517T209 US58517T2096 Russia
PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel 55315J102 US55315J1025 Russia
PJSC Open Investments - Reg S 68370L102 US68370L1026 Russia
PJSC Pharmstandard 144A 717140107 US7171401075 Russia
PJSC Pharmstandard Reg S 717140206 US7171402065 Russia
PJSC PIK Group - 144A 69338N107 US69338N1072 Russia
PJSC PIK Group - Reg. S 69338N206 US69338N2062 Russia
PJSC Rosseti - 144A - ORDINARY 69343X108 US69343X1081 Russia
PJSC Rosseti - 144A - PREF 69343X306 US69343X3061 Russia
PJSC Rosseti - Reg. S - ORDINARY 69343X207 US69343X2071 Russia
PJSC Rosseti - Reg. S - PREF 69343X405 US69343X4051 Russia
PJSC Tatneft 876629205 US8766292051 Russia
PJSC Transcontainer - Reg. S 893556100 US8935561006 Russia
PJSC Uralkali - Reg. S 91688E206 US91688E2063 Russia
PKO Bank Polski 69341F109 US69341F1093 Poland
PMP 69346A105 US69346A1051 Australia
Pohjola Bank 730478104 US7304781047 Finland
Polskie Gornictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA 731618104 US7316181046 Poland
Poltava - Reg. S 731628103 US7316281036 Ukraine
Poly Property 731654109 US7316541090 Hong Kong
Polymetal International 73178Q105 US73178Q1058 Russia
Polyus Gold 678129107 US6781291074 Russia
Porsche 73328P106 US73328P1066 Germany
Port of Tauranga 735440109 US7354401090 New Zealand
Potash West 73754W104 US73754W1045 Australia
Pou Sheng International 738539105 US7385391054 Hong Kong
Poundland 73875R109 US73875R1095 United Kingdom
Powszechny Zaklad Ubezpieczen 739379105 US7393791055 Poland
PP London Sumatra Indonesia 69369B105 US69369B1052 Indonesia
PPC Limited 69354A104 US69354A1043 South Africa
Prada 73942H100 US73942H1005 Italy
Praktiker 73972Y106 US73972Y1064 Germany
Premier Farnell 74050U404 US74050U4040 United Kingdom
Premier Foods 74051J200 US74051J2006 United Kingdom
Prima BioMed 74154B203 US74154B2034 Australia
ProMOS Technologies - 144A 74343C104 US74343C1045 Taiwan
ProMOS Technologies - Reg. S 74343C872 US74343C8727 Taiwan
Property for Industry 74344D101 US74344D1019 New Zealand
Prosafe 74346V109 US74346V1098 Norway
Prosegur Compania de Seguridad 74348C109 US74348C1099 Spain
ProSiebenSat.1 Media 743476202 US7434762024 Germany
Provident Financial 74387B103 US74387B1035 United Kingdom
Proximus 74428W108 US74428W1080 Belgium
Pruksa Real Estate 74441Y107 US74441Y1073 Thailand
Prumo Logistica 74443H201 US74443H2013 Brazil
Pryme Energy 74441E309 US74441E3099 Australia
Prysmian 74440L106 US74440L1061 Italy
PSP Swiss Property 74437Q209 US74437Q2093 Switzerland
PT Bank Danamon Indonesia 69369X107 US69369X1072 Indonesia
PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia 69370M108 US69370M1080 Indonesia
PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi 69370L100 US69370L1008 Indonesia
PT Global Mediacom 69370G101 US69370G1013 Indonesia
PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia 69370J105 US69370J1051 Indonesia
PT Matahari Department Store 74443G104 US74443G1040 Indonesia
PT Trada Maritime Tbk 69369Y105 US69369Y1055 Indonesia
Pt. Platinum - Reg. S 69368L104 US69368L1044 Ukraine
PTT Global Chemical 69369V101 US69369V1017 Thailand
PTT Public 69367C105 US69367C1053 Thailand
Public Power - 144A - Euro Den. 013984905 XS0139849052 Greece
Public Power - Reg. S 013984760 XS0139847601 Greece
Pumpkin Patch 745891101 US7458911010 New Zealand
Punch Taverns 746004209 US7460042093 United Kingdom
Puregold Price Club 74624G105 US74624G1058 Philippines
PZ Cussons 74734H100 US74734H1005 United Kingdom
Qantas Airways 74726M505 US74726M5058 Australia
QBE Insurance Group 74728G605 US74728G6052 Australia
Qihoo 360 Technology 74734M109 US74734M1099 China
Qihoo 360 Technology - 144A/Regulation S Unitary 74734M604 US74734M6049 China
Qinetiq Group 74732F106 US74732F1066 United Kingdom
QIWI 74735M108 US74735M1080 Russia
QSC 74735C100 US74735C1009 Germany
Quadra-Power Generation - 144A 74734E107 US74734E1073 Russia
Quadra-Power Generation - Reg. S 74734E206 US74734E2063 Russia
Qualicorp 74752K100 US74752K1007 Brazil
Quantum Energy 747649101 US7476491011 Australia
Qube Holdings 74779P108 US74779P1084 Australia
Raffles Education 75061U200 US75061U2006 Singapore
Raiffeisen Bank 750732109 US7507321096 Austria
Rakon 75102T105 US75102T1051 New Zealand
Rallye 751202102 US7512021020 France
Ramsay Health 75158L105 US75158L1052 Australia
Randgold Resources 752344309 US7523443098 Jersey
Randstad 75279Q108 US75279Q1085 Netherlands
Range Resources 752901405 US7529014059 Australia
Rassini - 144A 754078103 US7540781033 México
Rassini - Reg. S 754078202 US7540782023 México
Ratchaburi Electricity Generating 75408Q102 US75408Q1022 Thailand
RBC Information Systems 75523Q102 US75523Q1022 Russia
Realtek Semiconductor - 144A 756063301 US7560633015 Taiwan
Realtek Semiconductor - Reg. S 756063400 US7560634005 Taiwan
REC Silicon 75618W105 US75618W1053 Norway
Red 5 75657V208 US75657V2088 Australia
Red Electrica 756568101 US7565681019 Spain
Redefine International 75735D105 US75735D1054 United Kingdom
Redefine Properties 75735C107 US75735C1071 South Africa
Redflex 757370101 US7573701015 Australia
RedHill Biopharma 757468103 US7574681034 Israel
Refresco Gerber 75865A103 US75865A1034 Netherlands
Regus 759144207 US7591442071 Luxembourg
Religare Health 75954Q100 US75954Q1004 Singapore
Remgro 75956M206 US75956M2061 South Africa
Remy Cointreau 759655103 US7596551033 France
REN 759657109 US7596571098 Portugal
Renault 759673403 US7596734035 France
Renesas Electronics Corporation 75972B101 US75972B1017 Japan
ReneSola 75971T103 US75971T1034 China
Renhe Commercial 75972C109 US75972C1099 Hong Kong
Renishaw 759691108 US7596911088 United Kingdom
Renta 4 76010T104 US76010T1043 Spain
Resolute Mining Limited 76118B104 US76118B1044 Australia
Respiri 761229103 US7612291036 Australia
Restaurant Brands New Zealand 76126H101 US76126H1014 New Zealand
Reunert 76131U105 US76131U1051 South Africa
Rex Bionics 76160P100 US76160P1003 United Kingdom
Rexel 761681105 US7616811052 France
RHEINMETALL 76206K107 US76206K1079 Germany
RHI AG 74958H109 US74958H1095 Austria
Rhoen-Klinikum 76240P104 US76240P1049 Germany
RIB Software 74965G102 US74965G1022 Germany