Business Summary

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public is engaged in the operations of agro-industrial and integrated food businesses in Thailand. The Company's businesses are organized into two segments: Livestock business which consists of chicken, duck and pigs; and Aquaculture business which consists of shrimp and fish. The Company is vertically integrated, sourcing raw materials for animal feed production, manufacturing animal feed, breeding animals, farming animals for commercial purposes, processing meat, producing ready-to-eat food products. The Company's main products are divided into three categories: animal feed; animal farm products such as animal breeder, live animal and meat; and processed foods and ready meals.

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US Record Date US Payable Date Net DR Amount
Aug 26, 2015 Sep 21, 2015 0.0263
May 01, 2015 Jun 02, 2015 0.0421
Aug 27, 2014 Sep 22, 2014 0.0294
CUSIP 160904207
DR Exchange OTC
DR ISIN US1609042072
Ratio DR:ORD 1:4
Depositary BK (Sponsored)
Effective Date Feb 01, 1992
Underlying ISIN TH0101A10Z19
Underlying SEDOL B5L2DG6
Country Thailand
Industry Food Producers

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Month Month End
DR Close
DR Trading Volume Avg Day DR
Jan. 16 1.82 7,948 1,135
Dec. 15 1.96 62,183 5,653
Nov. 15 2.43 21,122 2,347
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