Oxford Metrica Study - 2011MORE »

Oxford Metrica Study - 2011

Building Corporate Reputation: Taking Ownership of Unsponsored Depositary ReceiptsMORE »

Oxford Metrica, a global independent strategic advisor, has been studying and monitoring the Depositary Receipt market for more than a decade. In the last year or so, DR programmes for more than 800 companies have been established by depositary banks to meet investor demand for these securities. Many of the DR programmes have been created without the active participation of company management. This briefing sets out how the situation has arisen, and what you can do about it in the best interests of your shareholders. We provide evidence of the reputational benefits of management taking an active role in the process.

Going Public: A Guide for European Companies...MORE »

Taking a company through a public offering on the U.S. securities markets is a major undertaking. This guide will help you understand what may be required from your company in dealing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, other U.S. regulators, investors, and securities analysts.

Asia's Evolving Investment LandscapeMORE »

The McKinsey Global Institute projects that by 2020, China's financial assets could reach $65 trillion, which would account for nearly 59% of all emerging market assets (and 18% of the global total). Recognizing Asia's potential as a viable, growing source of institutional investment, BNY Mellon undertook a market study to acquire an informed 'snapshot' of today's investment practices and gauge investor outlook. We examined the potential opportunities to be realized from investor marketing, as well as those that could be garnered from an exchange listing in Asia.

Depositary Receipt Indices & International Investing: Using Exchange-Traded FundsMORE »

Depositary Receipt based Exchange-Traded Funds: A new opportunity in international investing.

Gateway to China: The Hong Kong Stock ExchangeMORE »

The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong believes that the next three years will see an acceleration of the opening of China's capital account and that the exchange will pivot further towards serving the needs of mainland Chinese investors seeking access to the rest of the world. The BNY Mellon Depositary Receipt/Clifford Chance listing guide Gateway to China: The Hong Kong Stock Exchange suggests the time is right for issuers to consider HDRs.

Treaty Treatment of Depositary Receipts Program PaymentsMORE »

A summary of newly announced IRS guidance on the treatment for withholding tax purposes of reimbursements and payments to DR issuers. Specifically, the guidance addresses withholding tax requirements under income tax treaties in various jurisdictions.

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