The Role of A Depositary BankMORE »

A depositary bank oversees every aspect of a depositary receipt program - from pre-launch activities through day-to-day administration - making it instrumental to any program's success.

Depositary Receipt SolutionsMORE »

Raise capital, improve brand equity and increase liquidity: How depositary receipts can meet your needs.

Morrison v National Australia Bank and its Progeny: US Capital Markets Become Safer and More Hospitable for Non-US CorporatesMORE »

Morrison v National Australia Bank, 130 S. Ct. 2869 (2010), a US Supreme Court decision from June 2010, and more recent rulings interpreting and applying this decision in a variety of contexts, have limited dramatically the potential liability of non-US companies and their officers and directors pursuant to the basic anti-fraud provisions under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the Exchange Act), Section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5 (the US anti-fraud provisions). This case law clearly suggests that the US capital markets are becoming safer and more hospitable to non-US corporates.

Hong Kong Depositary Receipts (HDRs)MORE »

HDRs represent shares in a non-Hong Kong company. They are listed and traded on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in Hong Kong Dollars.

Zambian Depositary Receipts (ZDRs)MORE »

A ZDR is a Lusaka Stock Exchange-listed security representing shares in a non-Zambian company.

Regional Depositary ReceiptsMORE »

RDR Revolution: Regional depositary receipts poised to transform the global investment landscape.

Namibian Depositary ReceiptsMORE »

BNY Mellon makes it possible for you to explore golden opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fixed Income Depositary Receipts (FIDRs)MORE »

Fixed Income Depositary Receipts (FIDRs) are negotiable securities that represent an international corporate or sovereign entity's locally traded debt. They are denominated in U.S. dollars, and trade and settle in a similar manner to Global Depositary Receipts representing equity securities.

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