DR Tools

DR Watchlist MORE »

  • DR Watchlist lets you track prices (20 minutes delayed) for up to 50 individual DRs and/or indices.

Interactive Charting MORE »

  • Interactive Charting gives you the functionality and flexibility to input trading symbols to chart and compare the performance of up to nine Depositary Receipts, stocks, indices and mutual funds with a wide range of customizable charting controls.

DR Availability MORE »

  • In certain jurisdictions the number of depositary receipts ("DRs") permitted to be outstanding at any time may be limited due to foreign ownership limits, local legislation, regulatory actions or limits set by an issuer.

    The country tables provided are an indicative guide listing the issuers that have such limits in place regarding the number of DRs permitted to be outstanding at any time. BNY Mellon recommends that any party interested in investing in these markets contact BNY Mellon individuals listed here to ascertain if there is availability for issuance, and please see the "Books Closed" section of this website.

DR University MORE »

  • As the world’s leading depositary bank, BNY Mellon has long recognized the importance ofdeveloping and integrating innovative technology with the evolving Depositary Receipt business. The launch of ADR INFORM, our advanced Internet-based reporting platform, embodies this longstanding focus, and highlights our continued commitment to improving the value-added resources available to our Depositary Receipt issuer clients.

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