Global BuyDIRECTSM is a BNY Mellon-sponsored dividend reinvestment and direct purchase program for Depositary Receipts of certain non-U.S. companies. Each participating company's plan allows its existing shareholders to use dividends paid by the company to automatically purchase Depositary Receipts. The plans also allow first-time and existing investors to purchase Depositary Receipts of participating companies. All such investments are made through BNY Mellon as transfer agent.

As a participant in Global BuyDIRECT, investors benefit from the direct ownership of their Depositary Receipts, the efficiency of receiving corporate communications directly from the Depositary Receipt issuer, and the savings resulting from reduced brokerage and transaction costs.

BNY Mellon is transfer agent or administrator for what may be considered one of the most diverse groups of direct share purchase plans, representing a wide array of non-U.S. companies from countries around the globe.

Some features of our Global BuyDIRECT plans include* :

  • Low minimum investment and reduced transaction costs.
  • The ability to purchase both full and fractional shares for your account.
  • Depositary Receipts are held in book entry form; stock certificates are available on request.
  • The ability for investors to buy Depositary Receipts with monthly deductions from their bank accounts.
  • Optional cash investments can be made at any time and in various amounts.
  • Automatic reinvestment of dividends with the option to receive a cash dividend.
  • Periodic account statements/ownership records, and company reports sent directly from BNY Mellon.

* Not all Global BuyDIRECT plans will necessarily offer all of the above features.

Questions or correspondence about Global BuyDIRECT should be addressed to:

BNYMellon Shareowner Services
P. O. Box 358016
Pittsburgh, PA 15252-8016

  • To request plan brochures and enrollment forms for companies offering Global BuyDIRECT, please call: 1-800-345-1612
  • Toll Free Telephone for U.S. Global BuyDIRECT Participants: 1-888-BNY-ADRS (1-888-269-2377)
  • Telephone for International Callers: 1-201-680-6825
  • Website:
  • E-Mail:

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